O'Ryan Oil And Gas Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By O'Ryan Oil And Gas
Map of Wells Operated by O'Ryan Oil And Gas
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 14821
ODESSA, TX 79768

(432) 550-2112

Leases Operated by O'Ryan Oil And Gas

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-02162 CARTER Navarro County
05-03304 SLOAN "D" Navarro County
05-03832 HULAN YARBER (SMACKOVER) UNIT Navarro County
05-03836 HENDERSON (SMACKOVER) UNIT Henderson County
05-04188 HENDERSON (SMACKOVER) UNIT Henderson County
05-04351 N. CEDAR CREEK (SMACKOVER) UNIT Henderson County
05-243031 STEWARD Freestone County
05-254635 CARPENTER Freestone County
05-264453 OWENS GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-265783 OWENS GAS UNIT NO 2 Freestone County
05-267007 BOON-OWENS GAS UNIT Freestone County
06-227741 BENTLEY Anderson County
06-254556 GROUNDS Rusk County
06-267361 MARCH-DICKEY GAS UNIT Rusk County
08-02863 TEXAS LAND & MORTGAGE CO. Howard County
08-04768 WHITE, F. M. Ward County
08-09360 CUMMINS Ector County
08-10579 CUMMINS -A- Ector County
08-15882 SNYDER, D. H., JR. Howard County
08-16258 SNYDER, D. H. Andrews County
08-17029 ECTOR -C- FEE /NCT-2/ Ector County
08-19081 JOHNSON, J. L., UNIT Ector County
08-24529 COATES -A- Pecos County
08-25403 COATES, P. C. -64- Pecos County
08-30074 CRABTREE Mitchell County
08-38087 STEAKLEY 44 Ector County
08-41029 CLAY, H. R., -B- Howard County
08-41030 CLAY, H. R. Howard County
08-41031 CLAY, H. R., -A- Howard County
10-026450 MINERAL FEE Gray County
10-026451 BACK & AXELROD Gray County
10-026454 MAGNOLIA, MORSE Gray County
10-026494 DAVIS DIAL Gray County
10-026528 BACK CORONADO Gray County
10-026867 FARREN Wheeler County
10-026924 FRANKS, H. E. -E- Collingsworth County
10-026928 HARLAN, R. L. -F- Wheeler County
10-026929 HARLAN, R. L. -Q- Wheeler County
10-026930 JOHNSON, D. E. -B- Wheeler County
10-026936 MASSEY, R. A. -D- Wheeler County
10-026943 SITTER -D- Wheeler County
10-026946 WINGO, S. Wheeler County
10-026948 WOODWARD Wheeler County
10-037696 HALL Wheeler County
7B-04668 EAST REDDIN UNIT Taylor County
7B-10186 OCHO JUAN UNIT Fisher County
7B-17967 WIMBERLY FIELD UNIT Jones County
7B-28979 WIMBERLY FIELD Jones County
7B-30751 BOYD 'B' Nolan County
7C-00229 UNIVERSITY LEASE Reagan County
7C-019017 WILSON, DUKE Sutton County
7C-02014 TODD CRINOIDAL UNIT Crockett County
7C-02015 TODD ESTATE -A- Crockett County
7C-02016 TODD ESTATE -B- Crockett County
7C-02019 SHANNON Crockett County
7C-02020 TODD Crockett County
7C-02021 TODD, J. S. UNIT BLOCK Crockett County
7C-02022 EXXON FEE "C" Crockett County
7C-053150 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-081757 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-081763 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-081764 WADE, FANNIE E. Sutton County
7C-08894 TODD "M" Crockett County
7C-096984 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-102455 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-102664 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-104863 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-104866 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-105030 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-13816 SHANNON Crockett County
7C-13860 RAINMAKER Crockett County
7C-13867 INDEPENDENCE 25 Terrell County
7C-14191 RAINMAKER 2 Crockett County
7C-15072 RAINMAKER 3 Crockett County
7C-154038 INDEPENDENCE 33 Terrell County
7C-18747 KARISSA STATE Terrell County
7C-18748 MITCHELL Terrell County
7C-228647 WILSON Sutton County
7C-232900 WILSON Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by O'Ryan Oil And Gas