Omega Energy Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Omega Energy Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Omega Energy Corp.
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Leases Operated by Omega Energy Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05004 PENA, C. La Salle County
01-082206 ROOS McMullen County
01-10674 JAMBERS McMullen County
01-13666 SMITH, E.E. UNIT VI Gonzales County
01-14530 MORRILL McMullen County
01-14810 RYAN McMullen County
01-14887 CROWTHER McMullen County
01-15067 MORRILL McMullen County
01-184721 FRANKLIN, MURRAY ESTATE McMullen County
01-220046 MORRILL McMullen County
01-228152 MORRILL McMullen County
02-001516 STRIEBECK, W. H. JR. Live Oak County
02-001519 STRIEBECK, W. H. JR. Live Oak County
02-004832 SUGAREK GAS UNIT Bee County
02-058702 JACOBS, CHARLES Victoria County
02-058924 SUGAREK GAS UNIT Bee County
02-06344 HEINRICH, HENRY Victoria County
02-06693 MCGUILL, J. D. Goliad County
02-06833 CROW, REBECCA Goliad County
02-07456 HEINRICH-HORADAM UNIT Victoria County
03-061286 BRADLEY, IRVIN P. Grimes County
03-085303 ANGELO UNIT Wharton County
03-111212 ANGELO UNIT Wharton County
03-119736 ROBERT SPIESS Austin County
03-17951 SANTA FE RUNNELS Newton County
03-22472 REED - HANKAMER Orange County
03-23382 TANTON Hardin County
03-25590 TANTON Hardin County
04-00193 SANDERS OIL UNIT Nueces County
04-00849 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-034800 GALLAGHER, J. W. Nueces County
04-03680 GALLAGHER, J. W. Nueces County
04-04049 SANDERS "A" Nueces County
04-046572 SANDERS, W. W. -A- Nueces County
04-047065 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE UNIT 1 0 Aransas County
04-047580 TIJERINA UNIT -A- Hidalgo County
04-049383 GROENVELD, B. Nueces County
04-050953 TIJERINA UNIT -A- Hidalgo County
04-052510 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-103511 ARCO FEE "C" Webb County
04-10575 BALDWIN, J. C. Nueces County
04-110961 NORDAN TRUST ET AL Webb County
04-114515 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-11563 LA GLORIA OIL UNIT Jim Wells County
04-116465 GALLAGHER, J.W. Nueces County
04-11801 BALDWIN, J.C. Nueces County
04-11813 WENDEL OIL UNIT Nueces County
04-123328 PARKER, R.L. San Patricio County
04-12421 HEIST OIL UNIT Aransas County
04-12459 GALLAGHER, J.W. Nueces County
04-12575 BEVLY "B" GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-126439 BALDWIN, J. C. Nueces County
04-12841 LONDON-WARD UNIT Nueces County
04-128411 WALKER, T.S. Nueces County
04-12948 HERMANN, DONALD ET AL Nueces County
04-132626 BEVLY GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-132883 CODY Nueces County
04-133946 GALLAGHER, J.W."B" Nueces County
04-135937 WENDEL GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-229969 THREE-WHETTOS Nueces County
05-015432 BARNARD, BEN GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-049015 PARSONS, F. B. Limestone County
05-096434 MANAHAN, LORENA C. Freestone County
05-117601 ROARK GAS UNIT Limestone County
06-106878 MCBRIDE Harrison County
06-11248 ROBERTSON, BYRDIE Anderson County
06-116792 BISHOP Harrison County
06-118938 HARRIS, OSCAR HEIRS Harrison County
06-12124 ACHERON Shelby County
06-122835 ALLEN Harrison County
06-123926 LEFALL, C. Harrison County
06-125160 EVANS ET AL Harrison County
06-126776 MITCHELL, RUFUS Harrison County
06-183207 ROBERTSON, BYRDIE Anderson County
08-32112 NESTE HERZOG -11- Glasscock County
09-086749 KUTCH Wise County
10-058143 STUDER, J. C. Hemphill County
10-084534 STUDER, J. C. Hemphill County
7B-061716 HARDY L.E. Parker County
7C-147635 ADAMS-TC-3 ENERGY COMPANY Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by Omega Energy Corp.