Oxy USA Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Oxy USA Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Oxy USA Inc.
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Leases Operated by Oxy USA Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-10400 MIKA Karnes County
04-175510 GARZA, A. M. - STATE Starr County
08-00442 BLOCK 31 UNIT Crane County
08-01978 BUTLER Andrews County
08-11267 NORTH DOLLARHIDE UNIT Andrews County
08-15427 JOHNSON GBSA UNIT Ector County
08-15857 DORA ROBERTS RANCH UNIT Midland County
08-20538 RHODES COWDEN UNIT Ector County
08-20609 HARPER DEVONIAN UNIT Ector County
08-21431 TXL DEVONIAN MAIN PAY UNIT Ector County
08-22344 RHODES Ector County
08-227105 GASPERGOU Loving County
08-22784 JOHNSON DEEP UNIT Ector County
08-240433 BLOCK 31 UNIT Crane County
08-24118 CORRIGAN COWDEN UNIT Ector County
08-27162 COLLIE -B- Reeves County
08-27167 PERKINS -F- Reeves County
08-27230 PRIEST -E- Reeves County
08-27540 MOBIL Ward County
08-27563 ADOBE Ward County
08-28362 SHELL Ward County
08-28402 MOBIL -A- Ward County
08-28857 WORSHAM -42- Ward County
08-32853 NORTH DOLLARHIDE UNIT Andrews County
08-34635 DORA ROBERTS RANCH UNIT Ector County
08-38792 MABEE 139 Andrews County
08-39823 WARHAWK Andrews County
08-41627 LESLIE "11" Reeves County
08-42451 E.L. POWELL BC Glasscock County
08-42894 ANNAKATHERINE 23 Reeves County
08-42972 BETTYLOU Reeves County
08-42976 BRAMAN MINERALS Ward County
08-43049 GIGI STATE 12 Reeves County
08-44739 SHELL 'B' Ward County
08-45203 SAINT ANDREWS UNIT Andrews County
08-45708 BRUNSON Glasscock County
08-46661 BRAMAN MINERALS 45 Ward County
08-47246 ADAMS H Howard County
08-47274 SHIELDS UNIT A Howard County
08-47452 ABEL 1604CL UNIT Glasscock County
08-47526 WHITAKER 39-46 EAST Howard County
08-47656 YOUNG UNIT Howard County
08-47664 ROBB WALTER UNIT Howard County
08-47692 SHIELDS UNIT B Howard County
08-47703 WHITAKER 39-46 WEST Howard County
08-47757 SHIELDS UNIT Howard County
08-47833 WALDRON EUNICE Howard County
08-48417 TURNBERRY UNIT Howard County
08-49197 MORLEY NORTHWEST Loving County
08-49198 MORLEY SOUTHEAST Loving County
08-49408 COLLIE A EAST Reeves County
08-49440 HAMILTON NORTHWEST Loving County
08-49494 STALLINGS DOMINO UNIT A Howard County
08-49529 TURNER A GENTRY UNIT Howard County
08-49535 TURNBERRY TALON UNIT Howard County
08-49600 GREEN CREIGHTON Howard County
08-49934 WALDRON T-BIRD UNIT Howard County
08-49938 WALDRON SABRE UNIT Howard County
08-50146 COLLIE A EAST Reeves County
08-50239 WALDRON EUNICE WEST Howard County
08-50427 POWELL, E.L. Glasscock County
08-50550 FRAZIER STALLINGS A UNIT Howard County
08-51135 BLOCK 31 UNIT Crane County
08-51556 STATE SARAH LINK 3-2-2W Reeves County
08-51588 COLLIE A WEST Reeves County
08-51807 COLLIE A WEST Reeves County
08-52124 STATE SARAH LINK 3-2-4W Reeves County
08-52126 STATE SARAH LINK 3-2-8W Reeves County
08-52128 STATE SARAH LINK 3-2-7W Reeves County
08-52129 STATE SARAH LINK 3-2-9W Reeves County
08-52213 STATE SARAH LINK 3-2-6W Reeves County
08-53506 PERKINS 2-1S Reeves County
8A-05913 MALLET Hockley County
8A-14783 WEST WELCH UNIT Dawson County
8A-17310 WEST SEMINOLE SA UNIT Gaines County
8A-60337 SOUTH WELCH UNIT Dawson County
8A-61889 SEMINOLE DEEP UNIT "D" Gaines County
8A-68462 BECK, G. L. Terry County
8A-70442 WEST SUNDOWN UNIT Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Oxy USA Inc.