Oxy USA WTP LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Oxy USA WTP LP
Map of Wells Operated by Oxy USA WTP LP
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Leases Operated by Oxy USA WTP LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-11267 NORTH DOLLARHIDE UNIT Andrews County
08-142083 D ROBERTS RANCH DEV UNIT PF WELL Midland County
08-15427 JOHNSON GBSA UNIT Ector County
08-20538 RHODES COWDEN UNIT Ector County
08-20609 HARPER DEVONIAN UNIT Ector County
08-32853 NORTH DOLLARHIDE UNIT Andrews County
08-34635 DORA ROBERTS RANCH UNIT Ector County
08-36524 HOLT RANCH NORTH Martin County
08-40363 CHAPMAN STATE Reeves County
08-40374 GRAVES STATE Reeves County
08-41417 EAGLE STATE 28 Reeves County
08-42643 ZEBRA STATE 10 Reeves County
08-42726 ELAND STATE "14" Reeves County
08-42874 GORILLA 20 Reeves County
08-42891 YOW STATE 38 Reeves County
08-43219 VANGUARD 3 Reeves County
08-43233 CHEVRON MINERALS 17 Reeves County
08-43507 GRANADA 11 Reeves County
08-43519 LENOX 2 Reeves County
08-44273 ROAN STATE 24 Reeves County
08-45131 BUZZARD STATE "21" UNIT Reeves County
08-48792 ALLEN 39 Reeves County
08-48938 TOYAH WEST 4-9 Reeves County
08-49984 JANEY STATE 24-25 UNIT Reeves County
08-50610 LYDA 33-40-3S STATE Reeves County
08-50611 LYDA 33-40-4S STATE Reeves County
08-50705 MCCULLOUGH 35-38-1S Reeves County
08-50709 MCCULLOUGH 35-38-2S STATE Reeves County
08-50725 CHAPMAN STATE 32-41-1S Reeves County
08-51014 CHAPMAN STATE 32-41-5S Reeves County
08-51023 CHAPMAN STATE 32-41-3S Reeves County
08-51028 STATE PECK 258-257-1N Reeves County
08-51075 CHAPMAN STATE 32-41-4S Reeves County
08-51089 TOYAH EAST 4-9 Reeves County
08-51726 COOPER 27-26 SOUTH UNIT Reeves County
08-51764 COOPER 27-26 CENTRAL UNIT Reeves County
08-51907 COOPER 27-26 NORTH UNIT Reeves County
08-51952 STATE PECK 258-257-2N Reeves County
08-51953 STATE PECK 258-257-3N Reeves County
08-52317 MCCULLOUGH 35-38-3S STATE Reeves County
08-52369 PINK FLOYD B UNIT Reeves County
08-52398 PINK FLOYD A UNIT Reeves County
08-52679 JANEY 24-25 WEST STATE UNIT Reeves County
08-52739 MCCULLOUGH 35-38-4S STATE Reeves County
08-52983 HOUSER STATE 36-37-1S Reeves County
08-52987 HOUSER STATE 36-37-2S Reeves County
08-53029 APOLLO 2-11-3N Reeves County
08-53042 HOUSER STATE 36-37-3S Reeves County
08-53044 BEAR CLAW STATE 29-28 UNIT Reeves County
08-53081 APOLLO 2-11-7N Reeves County
08-53105 WEINERT STATE 34-39-1S Reeves County
08-53106 WEINERT STATE 34-39-2S Reeves County
08-53107 WEINERT STATE 34-39-6S Reeves County
08-53137 APOLLO 2-11-5N Reeves County
08-53200 WEINERT STATE 34-39-3S Reeves County
08-53451 WEINERT STATE 34-39-5S Reeves County
08-53514 ORPHEUM STATE 11-14-1N Reeves County
08-54082 RYMAN 14-23-1S Reeves County
08-54093 RYMAN 14-23-2S Reeves County
08-55177 HOUSER STATE 36-37-5S Reeves County
08-55190 HOUSER STATE 36-37-4S Reeves County
7C-18787 MERCHANT Reagan County
7C-19574 AMERIGO 901BL Reagan County
7C-19730 VESPUCCI 905B Reagan County
7C-19731 VESPUCCI 905A Reagan County
7C-19733 AMERIGO 902A Reagan County
7C-19747 VESPUCCI 904A Reagan County
7C-19796 AMERIGO 903A Reagan County
7C-20393 HAWKER 1502A Reagan County
7C-20394 HAWKER 1502B Reagan County
8A-05254 SALT CREEK FIELD UNIT Kent County
8A-05907 BOYD Cochran County
8A-05913 MALLET Hockley County
8A-14783 WEST WELCH UNIT Dawson County
8A-17310 WEST SEMINOLE SA UNIT Gaines County
8A-18500 CANON RANCH UNIT Borden County
8A-19308 WILLARD UNIT Yoakum County
8A-60337 SOUTH WELCH UNIT Dawson County
8A-61682 MAY, TOM Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Oxy USA WTP LP