Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co.
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Leases Operated by Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-065443 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-082541 BENHAM, ERNA P. GAS UNIT 2 Live Oak County
02-132942 SOMMER -A- DeWitt County
04-110308 LAREDO NATIONAL BANK Webb County
05-105512 FULTON, O. P. Freestone County
08-020847 T. X. L. -21- Midland County
08-039030 MIDKIFF "E" Midland County
08-043391 BUCHANAN "I" Midland County
08-20267 SNYDER, BEAL, HEIRS -B- Midland County
08-20514 HYATT -H- SWD Martin County
08-20698 SNYDER, BEAL, HEIRS, -C- #6 Midland County
08-20703 TOM - KEATON Martin County
08-20742 HARVARD-MCALISTER Midland County
08-20812 POWELL -E- Martin County
08-20875 ANDERSON -B- Martin County
08-20898 FLANAGAN -C- Midland County
08-21001 FLANAGAN -D- Martin County
08-21116 MCALISTER -M- Midland County
08-21298 SCOTT -A- Martin County
08-21526 MEEK -C- Martin County
08-21617 FORTUNE Martin County
08-21713 PICKENS, RAYFORD Midland County
08-21804 LEONARD Martin County
08-21893 WOODY -F- Martin County
08-22004 MADISON -A- Martin County
08-22516 MCREYNOLDS Martin County
08-22719 SCHARBAUER -D- Martin County
08-22906 CRESPI "F" Midland County
08-25357 STEWART Martin County
08-26189 TEXACO -E- Midland County
08-26340 ROOSEVELT Pecos County
08-26350 BAKER Midland County
08-26576 DAVIS Martin County
08-26792 SW MIDLAND Midland County
08-27587 W. D. JOHNSON ETAL -D- Loving County
08-28138 CAPROCK Martin County
08-28378 HILL Midland County
08-28599 JOHNSON, W. D. JR. ET AL 30 Loving County
08-28634 FAYE Martin County
08-28932 STIMSON-BURLEY -G- Martin County
08-29074 CASEY Martin County
09-105266 SEWELL, MARY C. Jack County
09-111384 HALL-STARK Wise County
09-111719 ELLIS Jack County
09-21298 CLAY, LOYD Jack County
09-21331 SEWELL, MARY C. Jack County
09-23445 UNDERWOOD Montague County
09-24708 C. GIFFORD Jack County
7B-087913 BRYANT, ROBERT Parker County
7B-105193 SCOTT,R.L. Parker County
7C-01490 STOUT -E- Reagan County
7C-019290 TXL /BAT. #3/ Upton County
7C-03178 ROSS, R. L., ETAL /NCT-A/ Upton County
7C-03869 TXL "E" Upton County
7C-04154 UPTON -S- FEE Upton County
7C-049124 SKAGGS -5- Upton County
7C-049125 SKAGGS -5- Upton County
7C-049178 COMBS Upton County
7C-049179 COMBS Upton County
7C-06450 NUNN, J. F. -B- Reagan County
7C-08660 WINDHAM "A" Midland County
7C-08826 PARKER RANCH "84" Crockett County
7C-09029 SCHEUBER -33- Irion County
7C-090763 HARRIS 61 Irion County
7C-092966 MCMANUS 44 Irion County
7C-09319 MCMANUS "37" Irion County
7C-093867 UNIVERSITY 55-22 Schleicher County
7C-096176 WILLIAMS 10 Irion County
7C-096308 UNIVERSITY 55-22 Schleicher County
7C-10213 PENTECOST "D" Coke County
7C-10282 ROCKER "B-19341/#2" Irion County
7C-103059 SHULTZ Sutton County
7C-10343 BIRD, I.A. "J" Coke County
7C-103986 SCHULZ Sutton County
7C-10467 ROCKER "B-1941" Irion County
7C-10514 BALL "A" Reagan County
7C-107048 WILLIAMS -16- Irion County
7C-10865 UNIVERSITY "C" Reagan County
7C-10892 CHAPARRAL "A" Reagan County
8A-65689 PARKS "21" Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co.