Parsley Energy Operations, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Parsley Energy Operations, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Parsley Energy Operations, LLC
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AUSTIN, TX 78701

(432) 818-2100

Leases Operated by Parsley Energy Operations, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-46808 CURRIE-NEAL 47 Glasscock County
08-47267 LIGON STATE UNIT 7-22 Reeves County
08-47292 PECAN STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47318 WAHA Reeves County
08-47501 WAHA Reeves County
08-47750 REDBUD STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47905 RANGER C4-7 Reeves County
08-48693 STRAIN RANCH UNIT 12-13 Martin County
08-49153 MELLENCAMP 8-14 Reeves County
08-49216 STRAIN RANCH 12-1 Martin County
08-49262 JOHN DENNY '41-44' Midland County
08-49382 GUITAR SOUTH 4-7 Howard County
08-50321 MELLENCAMP '7-14' Reeves County
08-50360 CHERRY STATE UNIT 29-28 Pecos County
08-50513 PATTERSON 5-8 Glasscock County
08-50538 WILLOW STATE UNIT 24-25 Pecos County
08-50652 CALVERLEY 36-25 Glasscock County
08-50663 CURRIE 41-44 Glasscock County
08-50742 BIRCH STATE UNIT 23-26 Pecos County
08-50991 BRUNSON 42-43 Glasscock County
08-50998 STRAIN RANCH 24-25 Martin County
08-51009 HUBBARD 26-35 Glasscock County
08-51086 TREES STATE 52-53 Pecos County
08-51092 HOGAN 1-24I Midland County
08-51294 BRUNSON 42-6-E Glasscock County
08-51369 CATFISH HUNTER '12-1' Glasscock County
08-51418 CALVERLEY 36B-25A-A Glasscock County
08-51509 WILKINSON RANCH 34-1-C Howard County
08-51526 STRAIN RANCH 13B-24B-A Martin County
08-51527 JOHN DENNY 41-44-F Midland County
08-51589 HAYDEN 14-23B-E Martin County
08-51590 HAYDEN 14-23B-F Martin County
08-51591 JERSEY 38-47-A Glasscock County
08-51773 TREES RANCH 12-11 Pecos County
08-51851 COX 22-27 Glasscock County
7C-18467 ZAIN 26 Upton County
7C-18577 RATLIFF 28 Upton County
7C-18582 CHAR HUGHES Reagan County
7C-18593 MARY 18 Upton County
7C-18705 LOUIS Upton County
7C-19297 ATKINS 10A Upton County
7C-19357 TAYLOR '45-33' Reagan County
7C-19461 GRACE 45-1 Upton County
7C-19476 PAIGE 13-12 Reagan County
7C-19570 BATES 31-43 Reagan County
7C-19573 MORGAN '25-26' Upton County
7C-19670 ELWOOD (16-21) Upton County
7C-19789 BAST '34-39' Reagan County
7C-19801 GREG MADDUX 31-32 Reagan County
7C-19808 RINGO (8 -9) Reagan County
7C-19818 BAST '33-40' Reagan County
7C-19823 KATHRYN '43-42' Reagan County
7C-19847 BRYNLEE 9 AND 8 Reagan County
7C-19854 KATHRYN (44-5) Reagan County
7C-19871 BAST 34 AND 39 Reagan County
7C-19896 DEVIN 25-24 Reagan County
7C-19899 HIRSCH E 29-32 Upton County
7C-19915 GRACE '45-1' Upton County
7C-19920 OLIVER (39-34) Reagan County
7C-19926 DALLAS KEUCHEL '37-36' Reagan County
7C-20008 SEBASTIAN *19-30A Upton County
7C-20014 BAST '32 AND 41' Reagan County
7C-20018 BAST 32 AND 41 Reagan County
7C-20020 NUNN '5-44' Reagan County
7C-20030 MORGAN A 25-26A-A Upton County
7C-20044 ROBBIE 17A-8 Upton County
7C-20073 KATHRYN 43 AND 42 Reagan County
7C-20079 SEBASTIAN 19-18-H Upton County
7C-20098 DEVIN 25-24-H Reagan County
7C-20135 TAYLOR 45 AND 33 Reagan County
7C-20172 ROBBIE 17A-8-F Upton County
7C-20190 SEBASTIAN 19-18-A Upton County
7C-20202 LUCY LINDSAY 1-36-H Reagan County
7C-20217 PAIGE 13C-12-H '43' Reagan County
7C-20229 MIKE SCOTT 19-30-H Reagan County
7C-20233 ATKINS 23-23A-G Upton County
7C-20267 PAIGE 13C-12-H '44' Reagan County
7C-20271 GREG MADDUX 31-32-D Reagan County
7C-20279 SHACKELFORD 7-6A-A Upton County
7C-20298 MORGAN 25-26B-F Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Parsley Energy Operations, LLC