Parten Oil Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Parten Oil Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Parten Oil Co.
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Leases Operated by Parten Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-007101 FARRIS, JEFF, UNIT Madison County
03-007103 FUHLBERG, JAS., -B- Madison County
03-007106 POTEET, SARAH B., GAS UNIT Madison County
03-007111 BORING, H. M. Madison County
03-007112 FARRIS, JEFF, GAS UNIT #1 Madison County
03-007113 FULBERG, JAS., -B- Madison County
03-02866 MATHIS, J. W., JR. Madison County
03-037388 MATHIS, J. W., GAS UNIT #1 Madison County
03-04896 MATHIS, GLENN F. Madison County
03-08044 MATHIS, J. W., -B- Madison County
03-086246 LORINO-MAPLES UNIT Houston County
03-09689 SEVEN J STOCK FARM, INC. Houston County
03-10119 SEVEN J. STOCK FARM, INC. Houston County
03-10408 THURSTON, DEAN Madison County
03-105078 MYRA GOULD GU Madison County
03-106803 SEVEN J STOCK FARM, INC. Houston County
03-108552 WAKEFIELD, L.A. GAS UNIT Madison County
03-108666 FARMERS OIL COMPANY Houston County
03-108667 FARMERS OIL COMPANY Houston County
03-11177 CANNON, ERNEST -A- Madison County
03-112105 IVEY-RICHARDSON Madison County
03-113253 L. A. WAKEFIELD GU NO. 3 Madison County
03-114983 ROSCOE BAYLESS UNIT 1 Madison County
03-11520 BOATMAN, R. M. UNIT Madison County
03-11751 FANNIN, M.G. Madison County
03-117533 ROSIE LEE JORDAN GAS UNIT Madison County
03-11948 FARMERS OIL CO. Houston County
03-12156 FANNIN, M.G. UNIT #2 Madison County
03-12184 SEVEN J STOCK FARM INC. Houston County
03-12185 SEVEN J STOCK FARM INC. Houston County
03-122385 ERNEST CANNON "A" Madison County
03-122778 REED, JERRY M. Madison County
03-12316 EVANS, BADA UNIT -1- Madison County
03-12649 SEVEN J STOCK FARM, INC Houston County
03-13019 CANNON, ERNEST "A" Madison County
03-13021 RICHARDSON-IVEY UNIT Madison County
03-130766 THOMPSON BROTHERS GAS UNIT Trinity County
03-13118 SEVEN J STOCK FARM, INC. Houston County
03-132327 BARNES, SAM UNIT Trinity County
03-133805 FARRIS, JEFF GAS UNIT Madison County
03-134471 BORING, H. M. Madison County
03-134563 FUHLBERG, JAMES UNIT C-2 Madison County
03-13575 ADAMS, ANDREW UNIT Madison County
03-137794 LITTLE, T. A.GAS UNIT Houston County
03-137820 DORRELL, ESTHER Houston County
03-140308 CHAMPION INT'L CORP. UNIT D-2 Houston County
03-141222 GOLDEN, DANNY GAS UNIT Trinity County
03-147388 MATHIS, J. W. UNIT Madison County
03-15768 OSBORNE, G.J. UNIT 1 Madison County
03-15894 EASTHAM STATE FARM "B" Houston County
03-16059 EVANS-CANNON UNIT Madison County
03-17493 OSBORNE, G.J. UNIT 2 Madison County
03-17601 BROWN, H.D. ET AL UNIT Houston County
03-17698 SEVEN J. STOCK FARM UNIT 38 Houston County
03-17905 FANNIN, M.G. Madison County
03-18879 THURSTON, DEAN SW Madison County
03-19516 LORINO-MAPLES UNIT Houston County
03-19597 DORRELL, THOMAS W. UNIT 2 Houston County
03-20541 FUHLBERG, JAMES UNIT "C" Madison County
03-20542 THOMPSON BROTHERS OIL UNIT Trinity County
03-20581 CHAMPION PAPER ET AL Trinity County
03-20600 SEVEN J STOCK FARM BUDA UNIT 38 Houston County
03-20636 THOMPSON BROTHERS UNIT Trinity County
03-20865 DARNELL ENTERPRISES UNIT 2 Trinity County
03-20873 DARNELL ENTERPRISES UNIT Trinity County
03-20934 JOE WEST UNIT Trinity County
03-21018 DARNELL ENTERPRISES Trinity County
03-21233 CHAMPION INT. CORP. B Trinity County
03-21256 CHAMPION INTERNAT'L CORP UNIT 2 Trinity County
05-02866 LUNDY, LEE Houston County
05-03070 LUNDY, LEE Houston County
06-04727 FROSSARD, J. H. Houston County
06-04925 SEVEN -J- STOCK FARM, INC. Houston County
06-107081 EASTHAM STATE FARM Houston County
06-12868 EASTHAM STATE FARM Houston County
06-12891 CHAMPION INT. CORP. "E-1" UNIT Houston County
06-13042 CHAMPION INT. CORP. "E-2" Houston County
06-13072 CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL CORP. "E" Houston County

Drilling Permits Filed by Parten Oil Co.