Pasco Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pasco Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Pasco Operating Company
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Company Name:

2300 2 ALLEN CTR 1200 SMITH

Leases Operated by Pasco Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-003112 RODESNEY, A. C. Jackson County
02-003123 HAFNER, JOHN Jackson County
02-003128 RODESNEY, A. C. Jackson County
02-003374 WILSON, G. H. Calhoun County
02-003532 FRELS REAL ESTATE CORP. Victoria County
02-01030 KAHANEK, L. J. Jackson County
02-01033 RATLIFF, GENE "C" Jackson County
02-01667 HAYNES, E. L. Jackson County
02-022923 STONER, LELA Jackson County
02-031375 RODESNEY, A. C. Jackson County
02-037513 KAHANEK, L. G. Jackson County
02-04314 GLASER, R. P. Jackson County
02-043813 GLASER, PAUL Jackson County
02-046554 WHATLEY, R. W. -A- Calhoun County
02-046936 MUELLER GAS UNIT Calhoun County
02-04980 MATCEK, B.J. Jackson County
02-04991 GLASER, R.P. Jackson County
02-05226 DODSON-SULLIVAN Bee County
02-05421 FREEMAN, C. W. Jackson County
03-00167 WILBURN, Z. T. Chambers County
03-01738 HARPER, W. A. -A- Harris County
04-009091 FLORES, BRIDIGO V., -A- Duval County
04-08429 RICHMOND, E. D. JR. San Patricio County
04-08663 NELSON, M. C. San Patricio County
04-08703 KENNEDY, UNA E. San Patricio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pasco Operating Company