Pedeco, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pedeco, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Pedeco, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Pedeco, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-08135 SLOAN Gonzales County
01-08685 BOENING -A- Wilson County
01-09346 BUNDRICK, V. UNIT Wilson County
01-11692 TITZMAN, TITIAN Wilson County
01-11853 CASARES, A.K. Wilson County
01-11945 CASARES, A.K. -A- Wilson County
01-12316 SCHIFFERS RANCH Wilson County
01-12325 KASPER-WIATREK UNIT-B- Wilson County
01-12441 THOMS Wilson County
01-12600 ESCHENBURG, R.L. II Wilson County
01-12733 PROSPER LABUS #2H Wilson County
01-12868 BURLESON, J. M. Frio County
01-12909 THOMS -A- Wilson County
01-12948 SCHRADER-THIEDE Gonzales County
01-13122 THOMS B Wilson County
01-13308 WIATREK Wilson County
01-13367 COPELAND, A. C. Wilson County
01-13375 SCHIFFERS RANCH Wilson County
01-13517 THOMS -C- Wilson County
01-13551 BOHACH Wilson County
01-13569 ESCHENBURG, ET AL UNIT Wilson County
01-14090 LONESTAR UNIT Atascosa County
01-14118 COPELAND, A. C. Wilson County
01-14120 MALLARD Atascosa County
01-14122 CASARES Wilson County
01-14123 MALLARD Atascosa County
01-14128 L.S.U. FERRY Atascosa County
01-14131 CARLISLE-SCOTT Atascosa County
01-14132 THOMPSON Atascosa County
01-14134 THOMPSON Atascosa County
01-14135 BUTTS & SAWYER Atascosa County
01-14139 COOK, L. D. & SONS Gonzales County
01-14140 PATILLO Gonzales County
01-14141 KOSAREK Gonzales County
01-14150 HOFFMAN Gonzales County
01-14156 LASKOWSKI Wilson County
01-14165 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-14168 THOMS-WILSON Wilson County
01-14169 V. BUNDRICK UNIT Wilson County
01-14171 NELSON Gonzales County
01-14172 SCHIFFERS, MOBERLEY Wilson County
01-14173 NELSON "A" Gonzales County
01-14193 BOENING, "A" Wilson County
01-14198 HALFF - OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-14203 BOHACH Wilson County
01-14215 NELSON "A" Gonzales County
01-14231 CALVERT Frio County
01-14232 COPELAND Wilson County
01-14233 ESCHENBURG Wilson County
01-14249 LABUS, PROSPER Wilson County
01-14253 FRANK, JIMMY Wilson County
01-14256 KASPER Wilson County
01-14258 JOHNSON Wilson County
01-14294 KIDDER "A" Wilson County
01-14407 SLOAN Gonzales County
01-14410 RUNK Wilson County
01-161123 ESCHENBURG-POLLOK Atascosa County
02-07128 KAINER Karnes County
02-08278 KAINER Karnes County
02-164578 OLSON Refugio County
02-166903 OLSON Refugio County
04-12589 MCGLOIN San Patricio County
04-12629 CAMPOS, Z. Duval County
06-14091 P.H. PEWITT "X" Titus County
06-14092 P.H. PEWITT "BX" Titus County
06-14093 PEWITT "HX" Titus County
06-14094 PEWITT "IX" Titus County
06-14095 PEWITT "IY" Titus County
06-14096 BROVENTURE "X" Titus County
06-14097 PEWITT "I" BROVENTURE "X" Titus County
06-14100 PEWITT "DX" Titus County
06-14160 ROSS San Augustine County
06-179581 ROSS San Augustine County
06-180339 JOHNSON-RIPPY Nacogdoches County
06-182982 GENECOV Panola County
06-184423 SWANTON Nacogdoches County
06-185566 GENECOV Panola County
08-36420 ESCALERA 75A Pecos County
7C-00436 SHANNON, J. M. -D- Crockett County
7C-15151 SHANNON, J.M. "AX" Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pedeco, Inc.