Perryman Operating Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Perryman Operating Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Perryman Operating Co., Inc.
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ATHENS, TX 75751

Leases Operated by Perryman Operating Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-07599 HALLIDAY, JOHN Madison County
03-07694 VISER, A., ESTATE Madison County
03-07710 SPILLARS, J. D. Madison County
03-07795 WHITMIRE, ANNIE BELL, UNIT Madison County
03-07811 COLLARD, LEWIS C. UNIT Madison County
03-07856 SPILLARS, J. D. JR., UNIT -A- Madison County
03-07890 COLWELL-PHILLIPS Madison County
03-07927 ARTEBERRY, WILLIE HAGER Madison County
03-08066 BELL-SPILLARS UNIT Madison County
03-08221 COLWELL-BELL-SPILLARS UNIT Madison County
03-08311 BELL, GEORGE & CURTIS Madison County
03-08499 WESTMORELAND OIL UNIT Madison County
03-08530 COLLARD OIL UNIT Madison County
03-08933 TRAPPEY OIL UNIT Madison County
03-09267 MURPHY, JAMES W. Madison County
03-09270 TRAPPEY OIL UNIT NO.2 Madison County
03-10164 SPILLER, C.E. Madison County
03-10165 MCVEY - SPILLER OIL UNIT #1 Madison County
03-10166 NASH, ELIZABETH L. Leon County
03-10175 TARROW & BETTS UNIT #1 Leon County
03-10176 CHRISTIAN, GEO. A. Leon County
03-10177 KNOX, JOHN UNIT Leon County
03-10178 KNOX, JOHN D. Leon County
03-10179 GRAVES, LOUIS Leon County
03-10180 DAN, THOMAS EST Leon County
03-10185 WIGGINS, W. I. Leon County
03-10186 H. D. MCADAMS Leon County
03-10187 GIBBS BROTHERS & CO. Leon County
03-10189 VICTORIA - WASHINGTON Leon County
03-10190 STATE SCCHOOL LAND Leon County
03-10192 KING, S. A., DR. Leon County
03-10194 WAY, C. G. "B" Leon County
03-10195 MCADAMS, JESSIE RAY Leon County
03-10197 WILSON, BRAC Leon County
03-10199 ANDREWS, JOE H. "B" Madison County
03-10200 WAY, C. G. "C" Leon County
03-10202 ANDREWS, JOE H. "A" Madison County
03-10203 ANDREWS, JOE H. "C" Leon County
03-10204 SHUCK, ERNEST L. Madison County
03-10206 WAY, C. G. -P- Leon County
03-10207 ANDREWS, JOE H. -D- Madison County
03-10208 SHUCK, ERNEST L. EST. Madison County
03-10209 BELL, GEORGE B. Madison County
03-10210 ANDREWS, E. B. JR. Leon County
03-10211 ANDREWS -M- Leon County
03-10212 HYNDMAN, ELLA M. Leon County
03-10213 SMITH, NARVIS SPENCER Madison County
03-10214 AMERICAN NATIONAL INS. CO. Leon County
05-01621 CHRISTIAN, GOE. A. Leon County
05-01632 KNOX, JOHN UNIT Leon County
05-01636 KNOX, JOHN D. Leon County
05-01640 GRAVES, LOUIS Leon County
05-01648 THOMAS, DAN, EST. Leon County
05-02105 PIERCE ESTATE Henderson County
05-02402 GODWIN Henderson County
05-092295 ROCHE Henderson County
05-092744 KELLEY ESTATE Henderson County
05-092887 ALSTON Henderson County
05-109830 DAVIS Henderson County
06-051168 PICKERING LUMBER CO. "F" Shelby County

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