Person, Claude Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Person, Claude
Map of Wells Operated by Person, Claude
Contact Information
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Leases Operated by Person, Claude

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-021360 DAVENPORT, H. Jack County
09-046828 KIRK-SCARBER UNIT Jack County
09-073985 PERSON Jack County
09-102320 EDWARDS, L.G. ETAL Clay County
09-108820 POWERS Jack County
09-113050 SCARBER, R. Jack County
09-118832 DEWEBER, L. A. Clay County
09-123756 TILGHMAN Jack County
09-123757 SCHMITTOU, J. Jack County
09-124845 FULCHER Jack County
09-132811 SLAUGHTER, C.H. "A" Clay County
09-13956 KEEN HEIRS Clay County
09-146172 GRACE RANCH Jack County
09-15318 SCOTT-CLEVELAND -A- Clay County
09-15784 RIDDLE Jack County
09-157954 POWERS Jack County
09-16227 MEEKS, F. B. Jack County
09-165996 DEWEBER, LUTHER Clay County
09-17093 SLAUGHTER Clay County
09-18120 BRANTLEY, OLA UNIT Jack County
09-19187 CHILDERS "A" Jack County
09-19339 MEEKS, F. B. Jack County
09-19564 PERSON Jack County
09-20024 RIDDLE -A- Jack County
09-219709 BRANTLEY, OLA UNIT Jack County
09-23910 DEWEBER, LUTHER Clay County
09-24874 CLEVELAND Jack County
09-25317 POWERS Jack County
09-25365 MOORE Clay County
09-25838 BOYD-KIRK Jack County
09-26323 CHERRYHOMES "C" Jack County
09-26473 SCOTT, LOWELL Clay County
09-27447 RENFRO SCARBER Jack County
09-27941 WINES, MILDRED Clay County
09-28353 RENFRO SCARBER Jack County
09-28983 PERSON, R. Jack County

Drilling Permits Filed by Person, Claude