Petroil Development Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Petroil Development Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Petroil Development Corporation
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2701 W 15TH ST STE 522
PLANO, TX 75075-7523

Leases Operated by Petroil Development Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06729 TAYLOR, NOBLE A. Frio County
01-13272 TAYLOR/BERRY Frio County
09-138888 CLOUD RANCH Young County
09-24429 FRERICH Archer County
09-24494 CAMPBELL, V. Archer County
09-26594 BICKLEY "A" 1986-2B Wichita County
09-26596 BICKLEY "A" 1986-2E Wichita County
09-26597 BICKLEY "A" 1986-2D Wichita County
09-26652 BICKLEY Wichita County
09-26914 BICKLEY "A" 1987-1A Wichita County
09-26915 BICKLEY "A" 1987- 1B Wichita County
09-27734 BERRY Young County
09-28356 CLOUD RANCH Young County
7B-121298 INLAND Eastland County
7B-123010 INLAND Eastland County
7B-128766 LONG Eastland County
7B-131299 INLAND Eastland County
7B-16445 KEETER Throckmorton County
7B-24367 WRIGHT-WAGES Throckmorton County
7B-25486 COPELAND-WRIGHT UNIT Throckmorton County
7B-26237 C.I.T.E.-FOX/INLAND Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by Petroil Development Corporation