Petropro Energy Partners, L.P. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Petropro Energy Partners, L.P.
Map of Wells Operated by Petropro Energy Partners, L.P.
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Leases Operated by Petropro Energy Partners, L.P.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-157847 HEIRS, WELDER Victoria County
02-157851 WELDER HEIRS Victoria County
02-157873 WELDER HEIRS Victoria County
02-158404 WELDER HEIRS Victoria County
02-158416 WELDER HEIRS "A" Victoria County
02-162935 VAUGHN DeWitt County
02-163097 HOLT, B. D. Goliad County
02-163118 LOTT Goliad County
02-163774 HOLT, B. D. Goliad County
02-163802 HOLT, B. D. Goliad County
02-163866 SCHULTHEISS UNIT DeWitt County
02-163916 WELDER HEIRS Victoria County
02-163961 WELDER HEIRS Victoria County
02-164226 HOLT, B. D. Goliad County
02-164477 VAUGHN DeWitt County
02-164485 WELDER HEIRS "A" Victoria County
02-164532 NORTON Victoria County
02-164579 VAUGHN DeWitt County
02-164642 WELDER HEIRS "E" Victoria County
02-172717 WELDER HEIRS "A" Victoria County
02-173838 WELDER HEIRS "C" Victoria County
03-148314 MANGUM GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-158728 POPP Colorado County
03-159380 LEOPOLD Colorado County
03-162963 PIERCE Wharton County
03-192655 ALLISON HEIRS Brazoria County
03-201831 DEVON FEE Brazoria County
03-221417 HEB GU Matagorda County
03-257984 LULU Wharton County
03-261973 SUZANNE Wharton County
7B-03702 ACKERS, L.J. Stephens County
7B-03775 ROSENQUEST, N. N. Stephens County
7B-12273 DICKIE UNIT Stephens County
7B-12449 SLOAN, MARTIN UNIT Stephens County
7B-12826 CLARK "C" Stephens County
7B-14677 WARD SOUTH UNIT Stephens County
7B-16724 SYLVANUS, MARTIN UNIT Stephens County
7B-16956 BURCH UNIT Stephens County
7B-192369 SLOAN-MARTIN Stephens County
7B-19486 BISD - FURR UNIT Stephens County
7B-19901 PANTHER UNIT Stephens County
7B-21611 DYE-GALLAGER Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Petropro Energy Partners, L.P.