Pickens Company, Inc., The Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pickens Company, Inc., The
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Leases Operated by Pickens Company, Inc., The

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00996 WESTHOFF & MCCRORY -A- Jackson County
02-00997 WESTHOFF & MCCRORY -B- Jackson County
02-00998 WESTHOFF & MCCRORY -C- Jackson County
02-05621 NEIBUHR & LINDEMANN Jackson County
04-012457 LA JOYA LAKE RANCH Hidalgo County
04-04056 LA JOYA LAKE RANCH Hidalgo County
04-046226 LONGORIA, P. H. Starr County
04-046227 LONGORIA, P. H. Starr County
04-046228 LONGORIA, P. H. Starr County
04-04789 STATE #M-49003 OIL UNIT 2 Hidalgo County
04-054732 GARCIA Kleberg County
04-054949 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-059375 LEHMAN Kleberg County
04-061685 WELDER Duval County
04-068220 LEHMAN, HENRY Kleberg County
04-068613 GARCIA, HERBERTO Kleberg County
04-075105 LEHMAN, HENRY Kleberg County
04-075545 LEHMAN GAS UNIT Polk County
04-078067 JOHNSON -B- GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-080197 LEHMAN 5580' GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-080616 FLATO GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-08069 GARCIA Kleberg County
04-08088 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-08180 GARCIA, HERMELIA Kleberg County
04-08186 GARCIA, SANTOS Kleberg County
04-08309 LEHMAN Kleberg County
04-08311 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-08414 ADAME Kleberg County
04-08548 JOHNSON Kleberg County
04-085795 WELDER Duval County
04-08607 WOELFEL Kleberg County
04-09000 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-091142 WELDER Duval County
04-092057 JOHNSON GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-09277 GARCIA, HERMELIA Kleberg County
04-093042 JOHNSON VICKSBURG GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-09335 FLATO Kleberg County
04-09587 BATOT Kleberg County
04-09634 BATOT Kleberg County
04-096448 LEHMAN 7000' GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-09775 WOELFEL UNIT Kleberg County
04-09877 BATOT Kleberg County
04-10003 GARCIA, HERMELIA Kleberg County
04-100205 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-100415 WELDER Duval County
04-10116 ADAME Kleberg County
04-102979 BOX, JOHN L., ET AL Hidalgo County
04-10335 LEHMAN Kleberg County
04-105139 LEHMAN,H. NO. 2 GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-10562 JOHNSON Kleberg County
04-10763 LEHMAN, HENRY Kleberg County
04-109677 LEHMAN, HENRY GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-109867 BOX, JOHN L. ET AL UNIT Hidalgo County
04-10989 SEXAVER Kleberg County
04-11084 GARCIA, FIDEL Kleberg County
04-11543 GARCIA Kleberg County
04-11646 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-135287 SEXAUER Kleberg County
04-141107 BOX, JOHN L. ET AL Hidalgo County
05-00593 BROWN #2 Navarro County
05-00594 BROWN #3 Navarro County
06-12598 DANIELS, MARY UNIT Smith County
06-13289 BRANCH UNIT Anderson County
06-149274 NORMAN, BETTYE Nacogdoches County
06-149522 MELASKY Nacogdoches County
6E-07688 ANDERSON, GEO. Gregg County
6E-07690 COLBURN Gregg County
6E-07692 HOYT Gregg County
7C-14606 FRITZ Concho County
7C-14776 FRITZ Concho County
7C-14875 HENDRICKS "B" Concho County
7C-14892 HENDRICKS "B" Concho County
7C-14896 DANIEL Concho County
7C-14957 STANSBERRY HEIRS Concho County
7C-15019 VERA Concho County
7C-15432 NINA MARIA Concho County
7C-15855 NINA MARIA Concho County
7C-167140 FRITZ Concho County
7C-173009 FRITZ Concho County
7C-174602 CARTER, R. L. Concho County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pickens Company, Inc., The