Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
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IRVING, TX 75039-3746

(972) 969-4051

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Leases Operated by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-10786 SINOR RANCH A Live Oak County
02-281138 THREE SISTERS 01 Live Oak County
02-281147 THREE SISTERS 01 Live Oak County
02-281177 THREE SISTERS 01 Live Oak County
02-281183 LOUISE STRAUBE 02 DeWitt County
02-283181 KOOPMAN 01 DeWitt County
02-283612 KOOPMAN-LANG (A) 01 DeWitt County
08-02890 FOSTER, MARY Mitchell County
08-06390 MCCLINTIC -E- Midland County
08-06414 HUTT, DONALD L. FEE Midland County
08-06451 O DANIEL, E. T. Midland County
08-15400 SPRABERRY DRIVER UNIT Glasscock County
08-18551 PRESTON SPRABERRY UNIT Midland County
08-37123 HUTT, DONALD L.'C' Midland County
08-37534 SCHARBAUER RANCH Martin County
08-40532 UNIVERSITY "7-43" Andrews County
08-44058 MABEE 'K' Martin County
08-44078 TEXAS TEN 'AA' Midland County
08-46106 SHACKELFORD Midland County
08-46162 PRESTON A Midland County
08-46263 TEXAS TEN Y PU Midland County
08-46618 FLANAGAN 14-LLOYD B Glasscock County
08-46785 O BRIEN B Midland County
08-46907 TURNER H R40 Midland County
08-47241 PRESTON 5 Midland County
08-47601 MCCLINTIC I R40 Midland County
08-47855 PRESTON B Midland County
08-47920 SCHARBAUER RANCH H Martin County
08-48469 CHEATHAM HOUSTON A Glasscock County
08-48500 CHEATHAM HOUSTON B Glasscock County
08-48525 MABEE 1F Martin County
08-48689 MABEE 1E Martin County
08-48707 MABEE 1D Martin County
08-48850 TUBB 21 U UNIT Midland County
08-48935 GERMANIA 42 Midland County
08-49098 SALE RANCH 23I Martin County
08-49099 SALE RANCH 15F Martin County
08-49116 SALE RANCH 15G Martin County
08-49140 TUBB 21 L UNIT Midland County
08-49321 SALLY 26F Midland County
08-49324 GERMANIA 45 Midland County
08-49446 MILES 25H Midland County
08-49488 WOODY-HOWARD 37J Martin County
08-49506 WOODY-HOWARD 37K Martin County
08-49576 SHACKELFORD 10S Midland County
08-49581 WOODY-HOWARD 37I Martin County
08-49770 SHACKELFORD 10T Midland County
08-49794 DICKENSON 7D Martin County
08-49795 DICKENSON 7G Martin County
08-49833 MCCLINTIC-MAURER 31A Midland County
08-49838 WOODY-HOWARD 37H Martin County
08-49841 WOODY-HOWARD 37G Martin County
08-49863 MCCLINTIC-MAURER 31C Midland County
7C-04088 PEMBROOK UNIT Upton County
7C-14573 ROCKER "B" Irion County
7C-16349 XBC GIDDINGS ESTATE Upton County
7C-16524 UNIVERSITY "3-14" Upton County
7C-16589 UNIVERSITY "2-20" Reagan County
7C-17382 UNIVERSITY "3-19" Reagan County
7C-19544 UNIVERSITY 3-310 PU Upton County
7C-19583 BROOK N-7E Upton County
7C-19586 ALDWELL M R40 Reagan County
7C-19587 BROOK N-7J Upton County
7C-19599 BROOK N-7F Upton County
7C-19615 BROOK N-7H Upton County
7C-19620 BROOK N-7K Upton County
7C-19624 BROOK N-7C Upton County
7C-19628 BROOK N-7D Upton County
7C-19629 BROOK N-7I Upton County
7C-19653 BROOK D-15B Upton County
7C-19655 RINGO-BIRD 7A Reagan County
7C-19704 XBC GIDDINGS ESTATE 434E Upton County
7C-19755 BROOK D-15D Upton County
7C-19782 XBC GIDDINGS ESTATE 434F Upton County
7C-19815 BROOK D-15E Upton County
7C-19822 BROOK D-15C Upton County
7C-19834 BROOK D-15F Upton County
7C-19836 XBC GIDDINGS ESTATE 434G Upton County
7C-19861 BROOK D-15G Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.