Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
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IRVING, TX 75038


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Leases Operated by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-06390 MCCLINTIC -E- Midland County
08-06414 HUTT, DONALD L. FEE Midland County
08-37123 HUTT, DONALD L.'C' Midland County
08-37534 SCHARBAUER RANCH Martin County
08-40532 UNIVERSITY "7-43" Andrews County
08-44078 TEXAS TEN 'AA' Midland County
08-45123 UTL L. J. BELDIN 1211-17 Ward County
08-46106 SHACKELFORD Midland County
08-46263 TEXAS TEN Y PU Midland County
08-46785 O BRIEN B Midland County
08-47241 PRESTON 5 Midland County
08-47292 PECAN STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47318 WAHA Reeves County
08-47750 REDBUD STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47896 UTL 2635-17 Ward County
08-48935 GERMANIA 42 Midland County
08-49324 GERMANIA 45 Midland County
08-50305 LOCKLAR-WILSON UNIT Midland County
08-51198 UNIVERSITY 7-28 PU Martin County
08-51546 FOWLER-SMITH 12-7 Glasscock County
08-52262 STRAIN RANCH 12-1-B Martin County
08-53078 HIGH SKY O 42-43 Midland County
08-53496 ARICK-HOOPER UNIT Midland County
08-53583 GUNS UP O 32-29 Midland County
08-53773 TURNER W43 Midland County
08-53828 SALE RANCH W13D Martin County
08-54097 UTL 4546A-21 Winkler County
08-54099 KENTEX-HARRISON 35A Martin County
08-54112 TURNER EC43I Midland County
08-54174 SALE RANCH W13B Martin County
08-54767 BRYANT-WHITEFIELD D 42-43 Midland County
08-54823 BRYANT-WHITEFIELD F 42-43 Midland County
08-54985 MASSEY A UNIT Midland County
08-55150 PINTAIL M 31-30 Midland County
08-55160 ELKIN-CRAWFORD 34E Midland County
08-55165 ELKIN-CRAWFORD 34F Midland County
08-55170 PINTAIL O 31-30 Midland County
08-55175 ELKIN-CRAWFORD 34C Midland County
08-55203 STILT WEST C 18-20 Midland County
08-55204 STILT WEST A 18-20 Midland County
08-55205 JAVAID WEST A 40-45 Midland County
08-55208 MIDKIFF NEN11H Midland County
08-55209 STILT WEST D 18-20 Midland County
08-55219 JAVAID WEST BB 40-45 Midland County
08-55220 THUNDERBIRD B 50-51 Midland County
08-55222 THUNDERBIRD D 50-51 Midland County
08-55233 THUNDERBIRD A 50-51 Midland County
08-55240 HAMMITT-WHEELER 8I Martin County
08-55336 FISHERMAN-BRISTOW 23A Martin County
08-55406 FISHERMAN-BRISTOW 23B Martin County
08-55410 JIM TOM 30B Martin County
08-55416 JIM TOM 30C Martin County
08-55422 FISHERMAN-BRISTOW 23C Martin County
08-55436 BRUCE SUTTER 41-29-F Midland County
08-55438 BRUCE SUTTER 41-29-E Midland County
08-55442 BRUCE SUTTER 41-29-H Midland County
08-55468 FISHERMAN-BRISTOW 23D Martin County
08-55473 HIGH SKY I 42-43 Midland County
08-55481 HIGH SKY M 42-43 Midland County
08-55483 HIGH SKY K 42-43 Midland County
08-55521 STRAIN RANCH 12-1-E Martin County
08-55522 STRAIN RANCH 12-1-F Martin County
08-55565 TOM-CLINE 30C Martin County
08-55622 HOGAN 1-25-A Midland County
08-55646 JIM TOM 29A Martin County
08-55647 JIM TOM 29B Martin County
08-55763 ELKIN-CRAWFORD 34A Midland County
7C-04088 PEMBROOK UNIT Upton County
7C-14573 ROCKER "B" Irion County
7C-16296 UNIVERSITY "1-32" Reagan County
7C-16349 XBC GIDDINGS ESTATE Upton County
7C-16589 UNIVERSITY "2-20" Reagan County
7C-20252 RAY REED 32 Upton County
7C-21036 DRIVER 27 Reagan County
7C-21142 DEVIN 25-24-F Reagan County
7C-21143 DEVIN 25-24-D Reagan County
7C-21184 JETER I 41-2 Upton County
7C-21192 HIRSCH E 29-17-A Upton County
7C-21194 SEBASTIAN 19-18-E Upton County
7C-21221 SEBASTIAN 19-18-D Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.