Pogo Producing Company LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pogo Producing Company LLC
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Leases Operated by Pogo Producing Company LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-094294 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
02-174924 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
02-200556 PEEBLES Live Oak County
02-217590 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
03-231401 BLACK STONE-ALLEN A-1 Polk County
03-235778 BLACK STONE-CARTER Polk County
04-064864 HEREFORD, L. M. Webb County
04-078840 DECARREON, G. G. Zapata County
04-099141 RATHMELL, J.G. Zapata County
04-123380 HEREFORD, L.M. Webb County
04-125035 HEREFORD, L.M. Webb County
04-125962 HEREFORD, L.M. Webb County
04-127932 HAYNES, LEONARD Zapata County
04-130482 HAYNES, LEONARD Zapata County
04-130730 HEREFORD, L.M. Webb County
04-13267 CAMERON 487 Starr County
04-149053 HMC-TIE LA BRISA Starr County
04-159877 HMC-TIE LA BRISA Starr County
04-162127 RATHMELL, J. G. Zapata County
04-164170 SANTA MARIA Zapata County
04-168181 HEREFORD -T- Webb County
04-171192 MARTINEZ, F. F. 546 Starr County
04-176006 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-177047 RATHMELL, J. G. Zapata County
04-177281 RATHMELL, J. G. Zapata County
04-180408 HAYNES, LEONARD Zapata County
04-181250 MAYFAIR LA BRISA Starr County
04-182938 TALBERT, MM ESTATE Zapata County
04-189326 F. G. G. RANCHES Zapata County
04-189427 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-190808 NCOC FEE UNIT Zapata County
04-191663 HEREFORD, L. M. Webb County
04-191691 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-192930 HAMMAN A Hidalgo County
04-196617 SLICK 541 Starr County
04-196957 BENAVIDES TRUST Zapata County
04-197018 SEYFREIDT 928 Starr County
04-198549 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-198894 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-204238 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-204239 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-204955 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-205683 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-208070 BENTSEN TRACT II Starr County
04-208792 SCHALEBEN Hidalgo County
04-218886 BENTSEN TRACT I Starr County
04-228712 NCOC FEE UNIT Zapata County
04-233626 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-236588 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-240990 LOPEZ, H. Brooks County
04-242334 LOPEZ, H. Brooks County
04-247870 GARCIA-MALDONADO GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-247977 BENTSEN TRACT I Starr County
04-251217 LOPEZ, H. Brooks County
04-251702 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-252507 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
04-255614 HAYNES, L. Zapata County
06-224629 BLACK STONE MINERALS A-36 Tyler County
06-232168 BLACK STONE-WILBURN UNIT Tyler County
08-110022 RED BLUFF 1 Loving County
08-213078 MEDICINE MAN Loving County
08-227105 GASPERGOU Loving County
08-232746 WALSH & WATTS "83" Loving County
08-35355 CLAMPETT, JED Andrews County
08-36257 CLAMPETT, JED "A" Andrews County
08-36810 CLAMPETT, JED "F" Andrews County
08-37830 UNIVERSITY "20-11A" Winkler County
08-38952 UNIVERSITY "20-12A" Winkler County
10-08473 STILES Wheeler County
10-228354 RATHJEN Wheeler County
10-230973 STILES Wheeler County
10-234498 LUKER Wheeler County
10-235837 BRITT Wheeler County
10-261394 BRITT Wheeler County
10-262258 BRITT Wheeler County
10-262259 BRITT Wheeler County
10-262260 LUKER Wheeler County
10-264288 THOMAS Wheeler County
7C-06023 WINTERBOTHAM Irion County
7C-15554 CRAWFORD, LETA D. Irion County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pogo Producing Company LLC