Ponderosa TX Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ponderosa TX Operating LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Ponderosa TX Operating LLC
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NEW YORK, NY 10151

(212) 798-1305

Leases Operated by Ponderosa TX Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00079 WARE -A- Carson County
10-00100 BURNETT -A- Carson County
10-00217 FAULKNER Gray County
10-00218 LOVETT, H. B. Gray County
10-00249 FINLEY, B. E. Gray County
10-00250 WRIGHT, CARRIE Gray County
10-00279 SHORT, J. C. Gray County
10-00296 WORLEY Gray County
10-00307 CATLIN, T. W. ETAL Gray County
10-00309 HOLMES, A. Gray County
10-00313 SAUNDERS, J. M. Gray County
10-00343 BARRETT -B- Gray County
10-00385 BOWERS, J. B. Gray County
10-00387 CATLIN, TOM Gray County
10-00389 EDINGTON, DELLA Gray County
10-00390 FAULKNER, SILER Gray County
10-00404 SAILOR, MARTHA Gray County
10-00468 FOXX Gray County
10-00488 PALMER Gray County
10-00503 WOOD Gray County
10-00512 COMBS-WORLEY Gray County
10-00523 MASSIE-CHAPMAN Gray County
10-00537 MOODY, VICTOR Gray County
10-00550 JACKSON, WEST Gray County
10-00581 POWELL -A- Gray County
10-00582 POWELL -B- Gray County
10-00583 POWELL -C- Gray County
10-00585 SHAW Gray County
10-00587 WRIGHT -B- Gray County
10-00598 JACKSON, WM. Gray County
10-00603 PALMER, J. H. Gray County
10-00624 BARRETT, C. S. Gray County
10-00668 CHAPMAN Gray County
10-00719 HERRING Hutchinson County
10-00739 WHITTENBURG, J. A. -B- Hutchinson County
10-00762 WARE -B- Carson County
10-00894 WEATHERLY Hutchinson County
10-00916 GARNER-PHILLIPS Hutchinson County
10-01031 FLORENCE Hutchinson County
10-01064 PRITCHARD Hutchinson County
10-01084 WHITTENBURG /BLK. 62/ Hutchinson County
10-01085 WHITTENBURG, J. A. -A- Hutchinson County
10-01086 WHITTENBURG-PULASKI Hutchinson County
10-01204 WHITTENBURG, J. A. Hutchinson County
10-01242 WARE Hutchinson County
10-01271 GARNER, C. R. "B" Hutchinson County
10-01299 WARE, R. C. Hutchinson County
10-01469 HARLAN -A- Wheeler County
10-01577 BURNETT -R- Carson County
10-01798 LOEBER, NELLIE Hutchinson County
10-01896 BURNETT -RC- Carson County
10-01948 LASATER Hutchinson County
10-02034 WHITEHALL-BURNETT -A- Carson County
10-02127 BURNETT -RH- Carson County
10-02212 PRITCHARD, SALLIE Hutchinson County
10-023048 WORLEY, P. A. ET AL Gray County
10-02378 STATE OF TEXAS -A-C- Hutchinson County
10-024294 CLARK Carson County
10-025271 SALLY Moore County
10-025426 BOST Hutchinson County
10-035367 PARKER Gray County
10-04190 JAMESON Hutchinson County
10-04633 WITHERBEE Moore County
10-04915 ANDY Gray County
10-05031 BEDNORZ "B" Carson County
10-05452 JOHNSON "D",E.B. Hutchinson County
10-05711 PRUETT -B- Hutchinson County
10-06060 KELLEY "A" Moore County
10-06613 ALLEN Moore County
10-09388 LIL RANDI Hutchinson County
10-102937 CAROL Gray County
10-124522 POOL Moore County
10-125266 SNEED -B- Moore County
10-125267 SNEED -B- Moore County
10-137588 BURNETT -A- Carson County
10-138941 COFFEE Carson County
10-142381 SEIBER Carson County
10-175033 CLARK Carson County
10-224920 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-264833 DEE O GEE Hutchinson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ponderosa TX Operating LLC