Precise Development, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Precise Development, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Precise Development, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Precise Development, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01174 RIEGER, OTTO Williamson County
01-01175 HALL, RAY W. Williamson County
01-01294 MATTECK, CARL Williamson County
01-04642 FOSTER, ESTER Milam County
01-05301 TIMMONS Williamson County
01-05334 PAYNE Milam County
01-05407 HUDSON Milam County
01-05804 WALKER-PEARSON Milam County
01-07139 JOHNSON, MAYNE GUNN ET AL Gonzales County
01-12137 KENNEDY, H.H. & M.W. Milam County
01-13424 FINK Gonzales County
01-13997 MOEHNKE, CARL Williamson County
01-14004 RIEGER OTTO "A" Williamson County
03-12799 COFFIELD B-5 Burleson County
03-13310 NEWMAN FARMS Bastrop County
03-13566 JOHNSON Fayette County
03-14614 WINKLER, CLARA Lee County
03-16307 CREEL Burleson County
03-16310 CONDON, CHARLES J. Burleson County
03-17287 CONDON, CHARLES J. "A" Burleson County
03-17953 BROWN, F. Lee County
03-20027 WINKLER Lee County
06-00080 DAVEY Anderson County
06-01616 TERRY, JIMMIE KATE Franklin County
06-01619 BELCHER -A- Titus County
06-01620 BELCHER -B- Titus County
06-01625 BLACKBURN -A- Titus County
06-01626 BLACKBURN -C- Titus County
06-01629 BLACKBURN -B- Titus County
06-01716 BLACKBURN Titus County
06-01723 MOORE, J. A. -A- Titus County
06-03067 ROSSON, CARL, ESTATE Anderson County
06-03412 HUDDLESTON, H. N. Anderson County
06-04778 FOREST HILL /HARRIS SD/ UNIT Wood County
06-05335 ROYALL Anderson County
06-05495 VICKERY, ETHEL Anderson County
06-05549 HOOK, T. W. Marion County
06-11190 MCELROY, BILLY Titus County
06-12542 KELTY, LA Titus County
09-01475 CONWAY, H. E. Clay County
09-01838 LUTZ, J. E. Clay County
09-01844 LUTZ, J. E. Clay County
09-04331 BROWN, R. L. Montague County
09-076500 CITY OF DECATUR Wise County
09-10977 DUNN Montague County
09-110078 JONES, PERCY ESTATE Montague County
09-123120 DYER Jack County
09-12934 JONES, PERCY, EST. Montague County
09-12950 JONES, PERCY, ESTATE Montague County
09-130905 B.E.C. Montague County
09-16778 CARMINATI -A- Montague County
09-19832 SHEPHERD Clay County
09-20571 CONWAY Clay County
09-21725 KAKER Wise County
09-21753 BOYDSTON Montague County
09-21854 SEIGLER Clay County
09-24296 LOWRIE Montague County
09-24855 SHEPHERD Clay County
09-28404 MCGHEE/PATTERSON Clay County

Drilling Permits Filed by Precise Development, Inc.