Pride Energy Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pride Energy Company
Map of Wells Operated by Pride Energy Company
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P O BOX 701602
TULSA, OK 74170

(918) 524-9200

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Leases Operated by Pride Energy Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00115 BOWMAN, RUTH M. Frio County
02-001407 DRUSHEL -B- Jackson County
02-01202 SCHOVAJSA, J. E. -C- Victoria County
02-033542 MOCZYGEMBA, J. S. Karnes County
02-04137 DRUSHEL, S. G., -B- Jackson County
02-04142 DRUSHEL, S. G., -A- O/A Jackson County
02-04147 DRUSHEL, S. G., -B- Jackson County
02-04151 DRUSHEL, S. G., -A- O/A Jackson County
02-04709 DRUSHEL -A- O/A Jackson County
02-07480 DRUSHEL "B" Jackson County
02-07743 DRUSHEL "A" Jackson County
02-07749 YAUSSI "A" Jackson County
02-07821 YAUSSI "A" Jackson County
02-07823 BRUSHEL "B" Jackson County
02-084313 DRUSHELL, S. G. -A- O/A Jackson County
02-104082 GEORGE WEST ESTATE Live Oak County
02-104083 GEORGE WEST ESTATE Live Oak County
02-127268 DRUSHEL S.G. -A- Jackson County
02-129601 DRUSHEL, S.G. -A- Jackson County
02-129986 DRUSHEL -A- Jackson County
02-130670 YAUSSI -A- Jackson County
02-130671 DRUSHEL -B- Jackson County
02-130672 DRUSHEL -B- Jackson County
02-131574 DRUSHEL -B- Jackson County
02-131623 DRUSHEL -B- Jackson County
02-135296 DRUSHEL -B- Jackson County
02-142829 RIEDEL, W. H. DeWitt County
02-144386 RAY, GEORGE Goliad County
02-145643 RAY, GEORGE Goliad County
02-146757 DRUSHEL, S. G. Jackson County
02-148726 DRUSHEL, S. G. Jackson County
02-152273 WEST, GEORGE ESTATE Live Oak County
02-154194 KNIGHT Wharton County
02-155947 WEST, GEORGE ESTATE Live Oak County
03-03723 HOOKS, J. B. FEE NCT-1 Hardin County
03-094457 KIRBY LUMBER CO Hardin County
03-09875 MCFADDIN, W. P. H. Jefferson County
03-10998 LEE, N.N. -A- Harris County
03-13632 WEBB Fayette County
03-14348 POLLY Fayette County
03-144734 UPCHURCH Grimes County
03-145817 WALDORF-SCHEHIN Brazos County
03-15007 HERMANN UNIT Burleson County
03-15170 KATE UNIT Burleson County
03-158761 LEWIS OL Grimes County
03-16406 MCFADDIN, ET AL Jefferson County
03-16525 FALKENBURG-MILLS UNIT Burleson County
03-18595 LATHA Fayette County
03-21963 TURK RANCH Brazos County
03-23148 CRUSE Hardin County
03-23673 NESVADBA, R. Fort Bend County
03-26325 HOLTH Grimes County
03-26404 GRANT Grimes County
04-06881 JOHNSON Nueces County
04-101230 EL GATITA Webb County
04-110351 EL GATITA Webb County
04-12915 ELOY Starr County
06-01133 BARRON, SOVILLA, ETAL Camp County
06-01135 FLORENCE, L. C. -B- Camp County
06-01139 JORDAN, J. M. Camp County
06-01141 MESSER, L. Camp County
06-02784 CASON, LILLIE, UNIT Camp County
06-04240 ROYALL NATIONAL BANK -B- Anderson County
06-05819 MILLER, T. H. Camp County
08-26116 MURPHY Mitchell County
08-40977 STEAKLEY "5" Ector County
09-17631 DILLARD Cooke County
10-05048 AURORA Oldham County
10-05691 SUNSHINE Oldham County
10-06122 QUIEN SABE RANCH "A" Oldham County
10-06656 NEPTUNE Oldham County
10-06657 PARKER CREEK Oldham County
10-06962 JK Oldham County
10-07047 WRIGHT Hemphill County
7B-13073 DODSON, GLYNN Stonewall County
7B-18640 JOHNSON Fisher County
7B-25055 BROOKS UNIT Nolan County
7C-094067 INGHAM "5" Crockett County
7C-14051 WOOTEN Reagan County
7C-17371 HOLT "112" Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pride Energy Company