Prize Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Prize Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Prize Operating Company
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Leases Operated by Prize Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-074919 RHODE, D. W. -9- McMullen County
01-082143 MARTIN, ALONZO McMullen County
01-11382 HUGH A FITZSIMONS, ET AL Dimmit County
01-14145 FITZSIMMONS, HUGH "A" Dimmit County
02-03004 TRAYLOR, MAUDE B. Calhoun County
02-06849 KOONTZ C Goliad County
02-07121 ALLEN OIL UNIT #1 Lavaca County
02-07246 LAMBERT-WOOD Goliad County
02-076401 GOHMERT GAS UNIT #1 DeWitt County
02-089642 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
02-090502 WOYTEK-EDWARDS UNIT Lavaca County
02-095081 ULCAK-EDWARDS GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-101606 GEORGIA MAE GRAHMANN GAS UNIT 2 Lavaca County
02-102145 GRANBERRY, W. M. GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-104738 WOYTEK-EDWARDS Lavaca County
02-106489 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
02-109231 MARY B. GOLSCH GAS UNIT 1 Lavaca County
02-113228 MARY B. GOLSCH GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-148430 SHEPPARD GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-178937 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
03-073111 HILLBOLDT Austin County
03-154800 DIXON, LOMA Colorado County
03-19503 MCCLAIN Newton County
04-04289 SAUZ RANCH MULATOS PASTURE Willacy County
04-098179 STATE TRACT 689-A Nueces County
04-123086 TREVINO "B" Zapata County
04-134519 TREVINO "B" Zapata County
04-146774 GUERRA "M" Zapata County
04-151418 DELUNA GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-162909 WELDERS HEIRS 215 Duval County
05-123541 BOSLEY, VERNON Leon County
05-137061 BARRON, ELLA D. GAS UNIT Leon County
06-015983 LEE, C. W. Rusk County
08-01638 FORD, W. T.-C- Andrews County
08-01713 FORD, W. T. -D- Andrews County
08-01721 FORD, W. T. "C" Andrews County
08-03218 WALTON, J. B. Winkler County
08-03264 STATE WALTON -E- Winkler County
08-03286 STATE-WALTON A/C 2 Winkler County
08-03287 WALTON, J. B. A/C 2 Winkler County
08-159640 STATE-WALTON "E" Winkler County
08-19374 EMMA /SAN ANDRES/ UNIT Andrews County
08-20417 BLOCK 9 UNIT Andrews County
08-20813 ABELL DEVONIAN UNIT Crane County
08-22900 CUMMINS, H. E. "B" Ector County
08-23120 WADDELL Winkler County
08-26628 KEYSTONE CATTLE COMPANY Winkler County
08-27789 RICHARDS Martin County
08-31377 HENDERSON Crane County
08-32068 FREUND, C. A. -E- Andrews County
08-34430 UNIVERSITY 7 Ward County
08-34617 UNIVERSITY "48" Winkler County
08-34815 UNIVERSITY "47" Winkler County
08-34970 MAG-SEALY (YATES) UNIT Ward County
08-35234 SEALY "90" Winkler County
08-35332 WARWINK UNIVERSITY "18-37" -A- Ward County
08-35349 WARWINK UNIVERSITY "18-33" -A- Ward County
08-35424 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-38 'B' Ward County
08-35619 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-37 'B' Ward County
08-35624 FORTSON "47" Ward County
08-35640 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-26 'A' Ward County
08-35670 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-35 'B' Ward County
08-36305 RIVER BEND DEVONIAN UNIT Crane County
7B-02005 BOWDRY, R. A. Fisher County
7C-00662 JOHNSON, LOU E., ESTATE, A/C 1 Coke County
7C-03099 COPE UNIT Reagan County
7C-05142 ROCKER, B. -N- Reagan County
7C-06281 SUGG -A- Irion County
7C-09876 UNIVERSITY "13" Reagan County
7C-14573 ROCKER "B" Irion County
8A-05740 HARDEE, B. Scurry County
8A-05741 HOUSE, E. Scurry County
8A-13465 CLAYTON, A.M. "E" NCT-2 Borden County
8A-16168 WALLACE, T. L. Dawson County
8A-16268 WILLIAMS-MABRY Yoakum County
8A-63532 RAMSEY Terry County
8A-63936 MYATT Terry County
8A-65671 N. HUNTLEY UNIT Garza County
8A-65672 N. HUNTLEY UNIT Garza County
8A-67862 WISDOM UNIT Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Prize Operating Company