Questa Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Questa Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Questa Energy Corporation
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P O BOX 50968
AMARILLO, TX 79159-968

(806) 358-8161

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Leases Operated by Questa Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-023068 CROWELL, A. & M. -ET- -AL- Gray County
10-023768 MCMURTY Gray County
10-024012 MEAKER Carson County
10-024016 URBANCZYK Carson County
10-025787 FOWLER Gray County
10-025788 MORSE, J. S. Gray County
10-025789 MORSE, J. S. Gray County
10-025790 BACK, E. V. ESTATE Gray County
10-025807 CUBINE -B- Gray County
10-025858 SANDERS, G. H. Gray County
10-025860 SAUNDERS -A- Gray County
10-025862 CHAPMAN -A- Gray County
10-025864 BACK Gray County
10-026116 HUGHES Collingsworth County
10-026457 MORGAN Gray County
10-026537 MAJOR Wheeler County
10-026641 MCKINNON Gray County
10-026642 MCKINNON Gray County
10-026644 MCKINNON Gray County
10-026805 FOSTER Wheeler County
10-026912 BINKLEY ESTATE Wheeler County
10-026913 BINKLEY ESTATE Wheeler County
10-026914 BINKLEY Wheeler County
10-026915 BOATMAN BANK Wheeler County
10-026916 BOATMAN BANK Wheeler County
10-026918 BARBEE, O. V. Wheeler County
10-027008 FRANKS Collingsworth County
10-027048 WHITTINGTON Wheeler County
10-027051 LAYCOCK, A. J. Wheeler County
10-028334 DAVIS-BRYAN -GU- Hansford County
10-033865 LAX Wheeler County
10-040162 STUART Lipscomb County
10-053277 HIX WILBANKS, ESTATE Hansford County
10-05538 MCLARTY Ochiltree County
10-057534 WHITTENBURG G.A. Hutchinson County
10-057537 WHITTENBURG, G. A. Hutchinson County
10-062217 LOVE Moore County
10-06312 HEARN Ochiltree County
10-06587 PHELPS Hansford County
10-069082 OWENS, L. B. Hemphill County
10-078047 KELLN -205- Lipscomb County
10-08657 SCHULTZ Lipscomb County
10-088955 HUNGATE Ochiltree County
10-09040 KELLEY A Hemphill County
10-09044 HODGES Roberts County
10-092562 BAILEY, MELVIN Collingsworth County
10-09318 SCHNEIDER Ochiltree County
10-09322 KELLEY B Hemphill County
10-09323 KELLEY C Hemphill County
10-09324 KELLEY D Hemphill County
10-096279 TAYLOR Ochiltree County
10-098044 PARK, ANVIL Hemphill County
10-100096 HILTBRUNNER, FERN -ET- -AL- Wheeler County
10-105398 WILLENE Wheeler County
10-108258 HOLMES Wheeler County
10-110639 BINKLEY Wheeler County
10-131916 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-133592 GREENE Hansford County
10-133597 HIX WILBANKS, ESTATE Hansford County
10-136575 WILLIE Wheeler County
10-137280 WILLIE Wheeler County
10-138380 DAVIS-BRYAN Hansford County
10-138388 SIN-POPE Gray County
10-139379 NEVENHEIM Moore County
10-141502 PHELPS Hansford County
10-150130 ROGERS Ochiltree County
10-150285 GREENE Hansford County
10-152119 DAVIS-BRYAN Hansford County
10-155078 JARVIS, BILLY -A- Hemphill County
10-182440 VAUGHAN FARMS Moore County
10-185446 BRILLHART Moore County
10-193436 PAN ROYALTY Moore County
10-199552 DEAL, SAM Sherman County
10-202255 HODGES Roberts County
10-219076 RUTH Moore County
10-223686 AVERY Moore County
10-238327 JOINER Wheeler County
10-257661 DIETRICH Ochiltree County
10-279072 PHELPS Hansford County
10-286831 WILBANKS, HIX ESTATE Hansford County

Drilling Permits Filed by Questa Energy Corporation