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Wells Operated By Range Production Company
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Leases Operated by Range Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-02249 KEERAN -A- Victoria County
03-21999 TRUST Galveston County
03-22288 TRUST UNIT Galveston County
03-22502 FEDERAL GAYATT Galveston County
03-24165 SEBESTA Burleson County
03-24208 ROMMEL UNIT Washington County
03-24257 TARANTULA Burleson County
03-24358 MCCLAIN Trinity County
03-24449 SIMMS Trinity County
04-01540 BISHOP CATTLE COMPANY -B- Duval County
06-11686 NATIONAL FOREST Houston County
06-11769 DAVID, JOHN Houston County
06-14240 FEDERAL NM-A-19772 Houston County
06-14241 ENGLISH OIL UNIT Houston County
06-14243 TROUTMAN, T.L. Houston County
06-14248 FEDERAL NM-A-19772 Houston County
06-14249 ENGLISH OIL UNIT Houston County
06-240416 BSMC GOODE Tyler County
08-21220 WEST FUHRMAN-MASCHO UNIT Andrews County
08-21930 BLOCK 10 FUHRMAN-MASCHO UNIT Andrews County
08-24786 GLASS Sterling County
08-24795 GLASS "D" Sterling County
08-24798 HILDEBRAND Sterling County
08-24799 GLASS "G" Sterling County
08-24876 ALLEIN Glasscock County
08-25243 ALLEIN "A" Glasscock County
08-25894 FLINT -B- Sterling County
08-26028 THORNBERRY -F- Andrews County
08-31034 LOCKHART-BROWN 14 Andrews County
08-32743 GLASS -G- Sterling County
08-33447 POWELL "4" Glasscock County
08-34061 EDMONDSON A Glasscock County
08-36867 POWELL "11F" Glasscock County
08-40214 POWELL 11A Glasscock County
08-42451 E.L. POWELL BC Glasscock County
08-43657 EDMONDSON A Glasscock County
09-01011 FINLEY, W. T. Archer County
09-221301 KOFFORD Parker County
09-231897 WALKER, FLOYD UNIT Tarrant County
09-237004 SCHMITZ UNIT Tarrant County
09-238575 ALBERTSONS UNIT Tarrant County
09-240704 STEVENSON UNIT Tarrant County
09-241560 WOODBURN UNIT Parker County
09-245493 ELLIG Hill County
09-250495 CARTER FOUNDATION UNIT Tarrant County
09-252380 CARLTON UNIT Ellis County
09-252629 CITY OF DENTON - AIRPORT Denton County
09-252633 CITY OF DENTON - AIRPORT Denton County
09-252635 CITY OF DENTON - AIRPORT Denton County
09-253538 RUSTIC MEADOWS UNIT Tarrant County
09-254338 HOWARD UNIT Hood County
09-254731 GREEN UNIT Hood County
09-255603 MERRITT UNIT Hood County
09-255728 BALES-GRIFFIN UNIT Parker County
09-257006 TWIN MILLS UNIT Tarrant County
09-257344 TWIN MILLS UNIT Tarrant County
09-257710 RAYZOR UNIT Denton County
09-259130 GREEN UNIT Hood County
09-259327 TRIMBLE UNIT Tarrant County
09-259680 RAYZOR UNIT Denton County
10-07988 PAYNE, D. D. Roberts County
10-08094 PAYNE RANCH GAS UNIT Roberts County
10-08919 KIM Roberts County
10-252019 FLOWERS BROTHERS Roberts County
10-265071 J.L. FLOWERS Roberts County
10-265532 MARTIN TRUST Roberts County
10-267732 FLOWERS XS E3 Roberts County
10-269131 CLARK XS Roberts County
10-269133 FLOWERS XS Roberts County
10-273084 FLOWERS C3 Roberts County
10-275082 J. FLOWERS XS Roberts County
10-275130 J. FLOWERS XS Roberts County
10-275162 FLOWERS XS Roberts County
10-276311 FLOWERS XS Roberts County
10-276344 FLOWERS W3 Roberts County
8A-08550 DEAN, CARRIE S. "B" Dawson County
8A-62469 DICK Hockley County
8A-63909 GIBSON Hockley County
8A-66202 MILLS-STRAIN UNIT Mitchell County

Drilling Permits Filed by Range Production Company