Regal Petroleum Services Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Regal Petroleum Services
Map of Wells Operated by Regal Petroleum Services
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Leases Operated by Regal Petroleum Services

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04098 CLINGINGSMITH Caldwell County
01-04099 LACKEY, E. T. Caldwell County
01-04101 MOORE, O. T. Caldwell County
01-04102 OSTEEN, W. N. Caldwell County
01-04103 TALLEY, E. H. Caldwell County
01-04379 BYNUM, J. S. Atascosa County
01-04473 WISEMAN ESTATE Atascosa County
01-07052 HALSELL LIBERTY -B- Maverick County
01-07124 STYLES, HERMAN Caldwell County
01-07447 TILLER, MILDRED Caldwell County
01-07633 TILLER, MILDRED-D- Caldwell County
01-07934 GRAY, G.C. -A- Guadalupe County
01-08090 CALDWELL, T.J. Bastrop County
01-08300 REMMER -2A- Caldwell County
01-09431 ECKOLS Gonzales County
01-11921 BURNS, MARTHA DOBSON La Salle County
01-12066 ZAVISCH McMullen County
01-122758 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-123219 EPPERSON, JAMES Edwards County
01-123220 EPPERSON, JAMES Edwards County
01-123221 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-123223 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-124486 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-125828 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-125829 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-12699 CLINGINGSMITH "A" Caldwell County
01-13716 MCDONALD, COLLIN Bastrop County
01-13717 COLLINS/MCDONALD Bastrop County
01-13725 JONES, C. L., SR. Bastrop County
01-13726 MCDONALD, MARTIN Bastrop County
01-13727 MCDONALD/COLEMAN Bastrop County
01-13735 MADISON "A" Bastrop County
01-13987 HALE-LEHR Zavala County
01-14010 EL VIEJO Zavala County
01-14017 MURPHY Zavala County
01-14038 EL VIEJO Zavala County
01-14040 MURPHY Zavala County
01-154996 MURPHY Zavala County
02-147627 PREISS, ARLIS Goliad County
04-11307 ROGERS, HERMINIA G. Duval County
04-11578 ROGERS, HERMINIA G. Duval County
04-11750 PARR Duval County
04-12151 MOFFETT, L.P. ESTATE Duval County
04-12234 HELLEN Jim Hogg County
04-123154 MOFFETT L.P. EST Duval County
04-126054 MOFFETT, L.P. Duval County
04-126244 MOFFETT, L.P. ESTATE Duval County
04-130008 ROGERS, HERMINIA G. Duval County
04-132685 ROGERS, HERMINIA G. Duval County
04-165117 ROGERS, HERMINIA G. Duval County
06-10970 GREER Harrison County
06-13588 GREER "B" Harrison County
08-27968 FASKEN -32- Ector County
09-22101 KRAMER HEIRS Montague County
7B-050099 T.P. FEE (DIAZ) Erath County
7B-059820 YEATES, WANDA TRUSTEE Palo Pinto County
7B-060401 WATERS TRAVIS E Parker County
7B-064624 PUREFOY-MASK Palo Pinto County
7B-064625 PUREFOY-MASK Palo Pinto County
7B-069602 T.P. FEE/DIAZ/ Erath County
7B-069603 T.P. FEE (DIAZ) Erath County
7B-069604 T.P FEE (DIAZ) Erath County
7B-069802 MPDS CORP. Palo Pinto County
7B-074801 GREEN, FLORENCE -A- Palo Pinto County
7B-075441 BROOM Parker County
7B-135271 ERNEST ASHBROOK Parker County
7B-28016 STOCKTON Taylor County
7C-09672 BIG STATE RANCH 2"0" Crockett County
7C-10399 SB&TG #09 Crockett County
7C-10407 SB & TG #02 Crockett County
7C-10408 SB & TG #20 Crockett County
7C-10410 SB & TG #23 Crockett County
7C-10861 SB&TG #17 Crockett County
7C-10863 SB&TG #16 Crockett County
7C-12212 SCULL "5-Z" Crockett County
7C-122250 BIG STATE Crockett County
7C-12276 BIG STATE RANCH -2- Crockett County
7C-12296 BIG STATE RANCH "2A" Crockett County
7C-12322 BIG STATE "B" Crockett County
7C-12655 BIG STATE RANCH "2B" Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by Regal Petroleum Services