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Wells Operated By Rim Operating, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Rim Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12380 BEEVER, C.A. Frio County
01-12433 THOMPSON, J.C. JR Frio County
01-12484 CARTER, D.J. Frio County
01-12739 TOCQUIGNY, R.O. Dimmit County
01-12756 SCHORP, H. J. La Salle County
01-12764 HAMILTON, J. R. Dimmit County
01-12776 SCHORP & WHITE Frio County
01-12798 BEEVER, C. A. JR. -A- Frio County
01-12844 DAVIDSON, D. A. Frio County
01-12944 BERDOLL Dimmit County
01-138355 BRISCOE (CARLA) Dimmit County
03-01058 HIRSCH ESTATE Liberty County
03-02099 ROBERTS-MUELLER Chambers County
03-06781 HIRSCH EST. Liberty County
03-08516 HIRSCH, ISAAC, ET AL Liberty County
03-09127 SWARTZ, ESTER Liberty County
03-11832 CHAPPLE Lee County
03-12105 STRANGER, T. Lee County
03-13672 GANTT Lee County
03-13780 SWARTZ, ESTER Liberty County
03-14626 LALLINGER, E. MICHAEL Lee County
03-17867 COFFIELD-OSAGE Lee County
03-18572 LINCECUM UNIT 1 Lee County
03-19717 MOSES Lee County
03-19867 LEHMANN, QUINTUS Lee County
03-20103 HANNAH Lee County
03-24889 HIRSCH ESTATE Liberty County
06-01473 CHEW Cass County
06-016636 WALL, J. T. UNIT -A- Cass County
08-03093 CONNELL, W. E. Ector County
08-13280 DICKINSON, EDWARD, II -A- Pecos County
08-15088 BARROW, H. C. Ector County
08-15600 TXL TEXAS Ector County
08-15654 CROSS, JOHN T. Ector County
08-17654 LANDS, T. P. TRUST -D- Ector County
08-17965 CONNELL ESTATE -C- Ector County
08-18785 JUDKINS TOWNSITE Ector County
08-21119 UNIVERSITY BLOCK -31- Crane County
08-22009 UNIVERSITY -EP- Crane County
08-24890 DICKINSON, EDWARD II Pecos County
08-25388 UNIVERSITY -AH- Crane County
08-25533 JONES Glasscock County
08-25586 JONES -A- Glasscock County
08-26302 JONES -C- Glasscock County
08-32295 MARALO 32 Midland County
08-32336 MARALO 41 Midland County
08-32407 BABB -30- Midland County
08-33404 DOUGLASS 36 Midland County
08-33746 BOYCE, OLIVER P. Martin County
08-35641 CONNELL, W. E. Ector County
08-44115 JUDKINS TOWNSITE 'A' Ector County
10-028224 CONVERSE, R. V. Hansford County
10-187467 CONVERSE, R. V. Hansford County
10-190852 CONVERSE, R. V. Hansford County
7B-038808 KENNEDY, M. O. Stephens County
7C-12851 UNIVERSITY 14 Crockett County
7C-13126 HENDRY POINT UNIT Coke County
7C-13247 UNIVERSITY A Crockett County
7C-15434 UNIVERSITY 15 Crockett County
7C-15436 UNIVERSITY C Crockett County
7C-166351 UNIVERSITY 15 Crockett County
7C-170374 UNIVERSITY 6 Crockett County
8A-06163 ELLWOOD, W. L. ESTATE Hockley County
8A-128312 KNIGHT Gaines County
8A-128792 KNIGHT Gaines County
8A-130658 ANDREWS Gaines County
8A-16203 GIVAN, BESS Terry County
8A-65175 MARKHAM Gaines County
8A-65717 MERRY Gaines County
8A-66100 ANDREWS Gaines County
8A-66125 KNIGHT Gaines County
8A-66203 KNIGHT "A" Gaines County
8A-66669 MARKHAM Gaines County
8A-66930 MERRY Gaines County
8A-67300 PATRICK CHEVRON "123" Dawson County
8A-67410 CHEVRON, PATRICK "123-A" Dawson County
8A-67421 PATRICK LINDSEY TRUST "109" Dawson County
8A-67606 COLLETT "5" Gaines County
8A-67775 LINDSEY TRUST "109-A" Dawson County
8A-69223 LINDSEY TRUST "109-A" Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rim Operating, Inc.