Rincon Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rincon Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Rincon Petroleum Corporation
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(361) 883-9896

Leases Operated by Rincon Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-036862 FOX, MICHAEL ESTATE -A- Bee County
02-036863 FOX, MICHAEL ESTATE -A- Bee County
02-040830 JOHNSON, STELLA Goliad County
02-04121 JOHNSON, STELLA Goliad County
02-04265 TERRELL -B- Goliad County
02-06645 HARRIS, M.P. Goliad County
02-06670 MURPHY, W. C. Bee County
02-08207 TERRELL "A" Goliad County
02-08270 STATE OF TEXAS Goliad County
02-08577 J. C. BYLES ET AL OIL UNIT Bee County
02-08913 BABB, T. J. Jackson County
02-09483 STATE TRACT 77 Calhoun County
02-10418 DOUGHERTY B Bee County
02-10479 PATMAN Jackson County
02-10805 COMBS-PATMAN UNIT Jackson County
02-10868 WARWAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-10892 WOLLSCHLAEGER UNIT Bee County
02-11029 ROOKE Refugio County
02-110423 HANUS, LOUISE Bee County
02-11174 W.C. MURPHY Bee County
02-173784 MCCAN, C. K. JR. "B" Victoria County
02-173786 TERRELL, ETTA "A" Victoria County
02-176335 KOONTZ-KUTCHKA GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-177212 TERRELL, ETTA "A" Goliad County
02-205709 BELL, W. T. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-207937 BELL, W. T. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-210314 J. C. BYLES UNIT Bee County
02-211723 EICHMAN GAS UNIT Goliad County
02-216135 FRIAR, ALFRED "A" DeWitt County
02-216219 MEIDER Goliad County
02-217043 MCCRABB RANCH DeWitt County
02-217310 MEIDER Goliad County
02-217757 DIETZE-CARTER GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-217810 J.C. BYLES UNIT Bee County
02-218021 ALTMAN Goliad County
02-226885 DE LA GARZA GAS UNIT Goliad County
02-231078 MCCORD Victoria County
02-231758 BIALEK GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-231778 MCCORD Victoria County
02-231783 GIESE Victoria County
02-232122 WELDER/CLIBURN Victoria County
02-245957 MCCOY DeWitt County
02-267653 HOBLIT UNIT DeWitt County
02-270611 DOUGHERTY A Bee County
02-272722 7Y Lavaca County
02-277508 B&D Lavaca County
04-039170 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-044650 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-046241 DUGGER, LEE M. Nueces County
04-049800 BICKLER& MOSLEY Nueces County
04-05808 EWING Nueces County
04-123327 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-123349 RENKEN, GEORGE Nueces County
04-123688 DUGGER Nueces County
04-123696 CLARKSON, M.F. San Patricio County
04-12480 CHAPA Hidalgo County
04-13083 DUGGER Nueces County
04-13350 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-13360 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-13391 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-13404 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-134140 RIO GRANDE GAS UNIT II Hidalgo County
04-13494 PARR, J.R. Nueces County
04-13495 HERRING ELLA Nueces County
04-136537 WILSON, E.C. ESTATE Nueces County
04-14131 LISKA-NORRIS Nueces County
04-176532 B.N.D. Cameron County
04-176538 DUGGER, L.M. Nueces County
04-179445 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-180944 EWING Nueces County
04-222886 HEDRICK San Patricio County
04-224445 EWING Nueces County
04-249030 STATE TRACT 726 Cameron County
04-252771 HOFFMAN, N. A. Jim Wells County
04-254196 LONE WOLF UNIT Aransas County
04-255455 BISHOP CATTLE CO. Duval County
04-256550 BRADY, JAMES C. Cameron County
04-269954 LACY Hidalgo County
04-275287 MIDNIGHT SUN Hidalgo County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rincon Petroleum Corporation