Rockford Panhandle, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rockford Panhandle, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Rockford Panhandle, LLC
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Leases Operated by Rockford Panhandle, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-159835 MCCULLOUGH Brazos County
03-16626 FERRERI, JOE A. Brazos County
03-189840 UVACEK Brazos County
10-01775 STEELE-COLLARD -C- Hansford County
10-021857 WOOTEN -B- Ochiltree County
10-021866 WOOTEN -B- Ochiltree County
10-028240 STEELE-COLLARD -B- Hansford County
10-028380 STEELE-COLLARD -B- Hansford County
10-03548 HODGES, C. Roberts County
10-04448 HODGES, MINNIE Roberts County
10-05176 STEELE-COLLARD "B" Hansford County
10-06053 HODGES "G" Roberts County
10-061068 BYRUM-COFFEE Roberts County
10-061070 MCCOY, BOB -B- Roberts County
10-061521 BYRUM Roberts County
10-061582 OSBORNE Roberts County
10-061666 OSBORNE Roberts County
10-062762 MCCOY, BOB -B- Roberts County
10-07180 COLLARD, STEELE "A" Hansford County
10-07392 LOCKE CATTLE Roberts County
10-07482 LOCKE CATTLE "15" Roberts County
10-07518 STEELE-COLLARD -A- Hansford County
10-07808 LOCKE Roberts County
10-079398 STEELE-COLLARD -F- Hansford County
10-084926 HODGES -G- Roberts County
10-089925 HODGES, MINNIE Roberts County
10-166111 HODGES C Roberts County
10-166451 COLLARD, STEELE A Hansford County
10-168603 HODGES -G- Roberts County
10-169491 HODGES "D" Roberts County
10-169636 HODGES -G- Roberts County
10-171594 STEELE COLLARD A Hansford County
10-171757 HODGES, MINNIE Roberts County
10-172976 MCCOY, BOB -B- Roberts County
10-176898 COLLARD, STEELE -F- Hansford County
10-176899 COLLARD, STEELE -F- Hansford County
10-178355 COLLARD, STEELE -F- Hansford County
10-178358 COLLARD, STEELE -F- Hansford County
10-184736 HODGES "D" Roberts County
10-186135 OSBORNE Roberts County
10-189201 STROUD Roberts County
10-192062 MCCOY, BOB "C" Roberts County
10-197939 GILL Roberts County
10-204930 COLLARD, STEELE "A" Hansford County
10-207649 STEELE-COLLARD -A- Hansford County
10-247605 WALLACE CC Roberts County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rockford Panhandle, LLC