Rogers Drilling Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rogers Drilling Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Rogers Drilling Co., Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 37
OLNEY, TX 76374

(940) 564-5635

Leases Operated by Rogers Drilling Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-09408 IKARD, B. D. Archer County
09-11830 IKARD, B. D. Archer County
09-17576 BISHOP Archer County
09-21760 BISHOP, D. L. Archer County
09-244048 PERKINS Jack County
09-25645 BISHOP -S- Archer County
09-27764 LANE Archer County
09-29192 ROGERS Young County
09-29205 PRIDEAUX B Archer County
09-29644 PRIDEAUX UNIT Archer County
09-29727 HARMEL "A" Archer County
09-30453 HARMEL, ROBERT Archer County
09-30564 BOBBIE GENE BISHOP Archer County
09-30713 SYMANK Archer County
09-30730 PECHACEK UNIT Archer County
09-30774 PECHACEK, JOHN Archer County
09-30791 ANDREWS UNIT Archer County
09-30835 ANDREWS FURR UNIT Archer County
09-30953 PALMER BLK 7 Archer County
09-30978 LAUSTER Archer County
09-31172 FURR-KUNKEL UNIT Archer County
09-31175 B-B UNIT Archer County
09-31419 IKARD, LULA Archer County
09-31422 AGNES JESKE UNIT Young County
09-31444 FURR-STEWART UNIT Young County
09-31541 IKARD TRUST Archer County
09-31715 NEVA LOU Young County
09-31716 HILTON FARMS "A" Young County
09-31726 LIVINGSTON-COLGAN UNIT Archer County
09-31803 FRIDAY UNIT Archer County
09-31875 WHITTENTON A Archer County
09-31881 DUNN HARMEL UNIT Archer County
09-31923 VICKI MCANALLY Baylor County
09-31931 PRIDEAUX LAND & CATTLE CO. Young County
09-32021 HILTON FARMS "B" Young County
09-32075 BLOODWORTH Young County
09-32089 GERALD LIVINGSTON Baylor County
09-32187 FURR MINERAL TRUST Baylor County
09-32335 GRIFFITH Archer County
09-32380 WINKLER Young County
09-32407 RED BARN Archer County
09-32535 TEXACO-HAUSLER UNIT Archer County
09-32544 LMY UNIT Baylor County
09-32581 P-MAC Young County
09-32598 PERKINS 'L' Archer County
09-32599 PERKINS 'M' Archer County
09-32607 MENTON PRIDEAUX Young County
09-32611 SCOBEE UNIT Young County
09-32661 JANICE GRAGG Young County
09-32679 PRIDEAUX LAND & CATTLE CO. Young County
09-32744 TOWNSITE Young County
09-32801 GRAGG SHALLOW Young County
09-32922 JIM LIVINGSTON Baylor County
09-33128 NELLIE Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rogers Drilling Co., Inc.