Rosewood Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rosewood Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Rosewood Resources, Inc.
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DALLAS, TX 75201

(214) 849-9300

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Leases Operated by Rosewood Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-13211 MERIT-RVS OIL UNIT Gonzales County
01-19218 ESMA JEAN WARD TRUST Gonzales County
01-19270 ELI R. HUFFMAN JR. Gonzales County
01-19281 ROBERT J.S. SMITH Frio County
01-19347 DOUBLE T RANCH Gonzales County
02-101603 BALLARD, A. L. -A- Victoria County
02-112961 NEYLAND, W.T. Goliad County
02-120170 JACOB ET AL Goliad County
02-121992 YANTA CATTLE CO. Goliad County
02-125952 BRADY UNIT DeWitt County
03-088459 BRUNNER Grimes County
03-103275 HACKEBEIL UNIT Fayette County
03-110873 REUTER Fayette County
03-114175 FALKENBERG "A" Lee County
03-13300 RAYMOND Lee County
03-13577 BATES, GARTH Fayette County
03-141704 MARSHA-ELLIOTT Brazos County
03-142697 BEAL-ELLIOTT Brazos County
03-149891 ROZNOV Fayette County
03-151116 EILERS Fayette County
03-155063 WEIMAN Fayette County
03-158681 LIEBSCHER UNIT Fayette County
03-161671 FALKENBERG "C" -2- Burleson County
03-16582 WEIMAN, V.H. Fayette County
03-165876 IOLA-ACCORD UNIT Grimes County
03-165889 FALKENBERG "A" Lee County
03-169070 BELL Fayette County
03-16912 EMBESI, T.A. Fayette County
03-16913 HAVEMANN, H.D. Fayette County
03-17016 FALKENBERG "C" -2- Burleson County
03-170345 WASH-MCADAMS Walker County
03-173191 WASH-MCADAMS -A- UNIT Walker County
03-173192 WASH-MCADAMS -A- UNIT Walker County
03-175705 UPCHURCH -B- Grimes County
03-21337 ELLIOTT OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21403 ELLIOTT OIL UNIT #2 Fayette County
03-21530 JAMES OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21629 SCOTT MORGAN OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21705 GARTH BATES OIL UNIT #2 Fayette County
03-21746 BROWN OIL UNIT #2 Fayette County
03-21764 GAULKE OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21805 NIEMEYER OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21824 BRADY OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21825 KEELAND OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21842 GIESE OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21857 SCHWEINLE OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21923 SRUBAR OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21928 HARRIS OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21938 LAPAGLIA Brazos County
03-21963 TURK RANCH Brazos County
03-21968 FREYTAG OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-21995 RUISINGER Fayette County
03-22051 ROITSCH OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-22207 BROTHERS OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-22251 SULLIVAN OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-23285 BATES, GARTH NO. 4RE UNIT Fayette County
03-23288 CASTLEMAN UNIT Fayette County
03-23379 BATES, GARTH NO. 2RE UNIT Fayette County
03-23392 KRAUTZ UNIT Fayette County
03-23952 BARRERA Brazos County
03-27070 LOIS WILLIAMS Brazos County
03-27071 YEGUA CREEK RANCH Lee County
03-27243 MALDONADO Brazos County
06-12383 GLASCO Smith County
06-124537 MORRISON Anderson County
08-070774 POULTER GAS UNIT Reeves County
08-075639 HILL Reeves County
08-079556 LINDEMANN Reeves County
08-117879 JONES Midland County
08-30914 LOVE Howard County
08-31349 FRYAR Howard County
08-32081 DAVIS Martin County
10-06197 STUART Lipscomb County
7B-26014 RIEBE, H. Palo Pinto County
7C-04361 CHAMBERS COUNTY Crockett County
7C-05579 MIDWAY LANE 1100 UNIT Crockett County
8A-65071 BARTLETT, PAULINE Dawson County
8A-65241 VOGLER Dawson County
8A-65259 DUBOSE Dawson County
8A-66072 VOGLER Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rosewood Resources, Inc.