Rutta, Jim Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rutta, Jim
Map of Wells Operated by Rutta, Jim
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Leases Operated by Rutta, Jim

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002278 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-031419 RIGGS, GERTRUDE Goliad County
02-058624 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-05907 GEBBERT, W.G. Goliad County
02-07473 FLORES, ADAN ET UX Goliad County
02-075542 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-076255 BETHKE, AUGUSTA Goliad County
02-076273 BETHKE, AUGUSTA Goliad County
02-076963 RIGGS, GERTRUDE Goliad County
02-083681 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-085073 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-085075 RIGGS, GERTRUDE Goliad County
02-085596 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-106167 GEBBERT, W.G. Goliad County
02-121273 RIGGS, J. W. Goliad County
02-121475 RIGGS, GERTRUDE Goliad County
02-122211 RIGGS, GERTRUDE Goliad County
02-127320 GEBBERT, W.G. Goliad County
02-128168 RIGGS, J.W. Goliad County
02-128508 BETHKE, PAUL Goliad County
02-129628 GEBBERT, W.G. Goliad County
02-130385 FLORES, ADAM ET UX Goliad County
02-135474 ALLEN Lavaca County
02-138322 FLORES, ADAN ET UX Goliad County
02-140819 ALLEN Lavaca County
02-144052 RIGGS, J. W. Goliad County
02-147389 RIGGS, GERTRUDE Goliad County
03-059836 STOVAL, GUY F. JR. Lavaca County
03-080029 STOVALL, GUY F. Lavaca County
03-09385 RUTLEDGE, TOM, ETAL Colorado County
03-102884 MILLER GEORGE J Colorado County
03-102885 MILLER, GEORGE J. ESTATE Colorado County
03-123441 RUTTA Colorado County
03-124967 RUTTA Colorado County
03-125115 RUTLEDGE, TOM Colorado County
03-125121 CATES "F" Colorado County
03-127067 RUTTA Colorado County
03-127068 RUTTA Colorado County
03-128346 RUTTA Colorado County
03-133974 EVORITT Colorado County
03-22090 RUTTA Colorado County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rutta, Jim