RWJ Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By RWJ Operating LLC
Map of Wells Operated by RWJ Operating LLC
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400 N ST PAUL STE 450
DALLAS, TX 75201

Leases Operated by RWJ Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-00004 DOOLEY Harris County
03-04825 DOOLEY Harris County
03-05451 PHOENIX DEVELOPMENT CO. Liberty County
04-02034 SCHMIDT, JOHN Jim Wells County
04-078613 SCHMIDT,H.G. Jim Wells County
04-079420 SCHMIDT, H.G. Jim Wells County
04-08701 BALLARD, C. F. Nueces County
04-11156 SCHOLZ, H. H. Nueces County
04-11668 WELHAUSEN, JACK Webb County
04-238505 FRANKE Jim Wells County
04-239716 HAPPNER Jim Wells County
04-257960 BRUNS Jim Wells County
05-02121 CARROLL, INA K. OIL UNIT -A- Navarro County
05-03365 HEDRICK Hopkins County
05-03561 LIVELY, DEE GARRETT "A" Navarro County
05-090399 ELECTRA BROWN GAS UNIT Navarro County
05-091126 HORN, MARY UNIT A Freestone County
05-097461 SMITH, T. E. GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-122431 CLARK, DOROTHY TRUSTEE "A" Navarro County
05-128591 GREGORY, CHARLES F. GAS UNIT Navarro County
05-137077 CARROLL, INA K. -B- Navarro County
05-137078 CARROLL, INA K. -C- Navarro County
05-138389 CLARK, DOROTHY -C- Navarro County
06-01470 WALKER, H. F. Cass County
06-05173 REPUBLIC INSURANCE CO. Wood County
06-146183 GROGAN Cass County
06-15315 FLOWERS Cass County
09-252574 FRENCHTOWN Denton County
09-257726 FRENCHTOWN Denton County
7B-25924 MARIS Jones County
7B-26758 FARNSWORTH "C" Jones County
7B-26775 SHIELDS UNIT Jones County
7B-27044 BUMPASS Jones County
7B-28357 DOZIER-HOLLOWAY Jones County
7B-28701 DOZIER HOLLOWAY Jones County
7B-30395 FARNSWORTH Jones County
7B-30399 MARIS Jones County
7C-14383 G0TTSCHALK, D. 2 Runnels County
7C-16028 SULTEMEIER UNIT Menard County

Drilling Permits Filed by RWJ Operating LLC