Ryder Scott Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ryder Scott Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Ryder Scott Oil Company
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Leases Operated by Ryder Scott Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-060774 CHILDERS Wise County
09-060775 CHILDERS Wise County
09-064787 CASWELL UNIT Wise County
09-064788 CASWELL UNIT Wise County
09-065928 HOYL Wise County
09-068940 HOYL Wise County
09-069536 ACOLA Wise County
09-070021 HOUGH-MANNING UNIT Wise County
09-070743 MAEYERS Wise County
09-070923 HOUGH Wise County
09-071218 PRUETT Wise County
09-09125 WESTBROOK Grayson County
09-093212 SHERMAN-VAUGHN UNIT Wise County
09-096932 STARKE Jack County
09-100451 WAGGONER, MERLE T. Wise County
09-10054 WESTBROOK Grayson County
09-100639 HOYL Wise County
09-103289 FLETCHER Wise County
09-103291 YOUNGER Jack County
09-104161 HOUGH-MANNING UNIT Wise County
09-106457 MONK-FLETCHER UNIT Wise County
09-125288 NORTH Wise County
09-150175 FERGUSON Wise County
09-150197 MONK Wise County
09-150198 MONK Wise County
09-150199 MONK Wise County
09-150217 ENOCH-MILLIGAN UNIT Wise County
09-150349 ENOCH Wise County
09-150404 FLETCHER Wise County
09-150405 FLETCHER Wise County
09-150408 FLETCHER Wise County
09-150410 FLETCHER Wise County
09-176528 STENZEL Wise County
09-178646 HILTON-WOOD UNIT Wise County
09-178824 MYERS, JERRY "ABC" Wise County
09-180768 PEEK Wise County
09-183198 HARPER-ELLISON UNIT Wise County
09-183719 PRUETT-PROSPECT UNIT Wise County
09-184356 BARNETT Denton County
09-185581 PRUETT-PROSPECT UNIT Wise County
09-186027 PEEK Wise County
09-18867 PENLEY, W. E. Clay County
09-20828 PLAXCO Clay County
09-208637 BARNETT Denton County
09-209313 BARNETT Denton County
09-20939 GILL Clay County
09-20981 ABERCROMBIE UNIT Archer County
09-210859 PEEK Wise County
09-210950 MAEYERS Wise County
09-21365 ABERCROMBIE UNIT Archer County
09-21707 SLAYTON Clay County
09-22178 COOPER Jack County
09-27940 DILLARD Archer County
09-27989 HEMMI 1 Archer County
09-28088 HEMMI "2" Archer County
09-28153 HEMMI "A" Archer County
09-28366 HEMMI A2 Archer County
09-28513 JARMUS Archer County
09-28657 JOG Foard County
09-28763 JOG 'A' Foard County
09-28996 GRADY-HEMMI UNIT Archer County
09-29016 DILLARD Archer County
09-29405 LEONARD Young County
7B-060705 FAMBRO A Stephens County
7B-060758 FAMBRO LAND & CATTLE COMPANY Stephens County
7B-066001 ASSOCIATES Stephens County
7B-110263 STRIEGLER Stephens County
7B-110694 SIKES F Stephens County
7B-111747 BOBBIE Stephens County
7B-112332 FAMBRO "CC" Stephens County
7B-118589 FAMBRO B Stephens County
7B-118597 HARRIS-FAMBRO Stephens County
7B-12545 MONTGOMERY Throckmorton County
7B-12656 MONTGOMERY Throckmorton County
7B-12712 DAVIS-B- Throckmorton County
7B-13041 DAVIS -B- Throckmorton County
7B-143299 HARRELL Throckmorton County
7B-146205 FAMBROUGH, H. Stephens County
7B-147661 FAMBRO E Stephens County
7B-163660 FAMBRO CC Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ryder Scott Oil Company