Samson Resources Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Samson Resources Company
Map of Wells Operated by Samson Resources Company
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Leases Operated by Samson Resources Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-094294 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
02-100334 BENNETT, L.L. ET AL GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-105753 SMITH, JACK Goliad County
02-118124 JANSSEN GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-152286 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
03-02277 BARNGROVER, 6AC Liberty County
03-02674 WILSON, CHAS. FEE Liberty County
03-02786 DICK & FALING Polk County
03-02787 JONES, R. H. Polk County
03-02789 MUNSON, W. B. HEIRS Polk County
03-04575 PRUITT, MRS. MINNIE, FEE Liberty County
03-05261 BALDWIN, J. C. FEE A/C 1 Liberty County
03-05369 LIBERTY TOWNSITE UNIT 1 Liberty County
04-010641 WIEDERKEHR, L. Duval County
04-010643 WIEDERKEHR, L. Duval County
04-01101 WIEDERKEHR, L. Duval County
05-104480 DOUGLAS Limestone County
06-01135 FLORENCE, L. C. -B- Camp County
06-01141 MESSER, L. Camp County
06-01345 TAYLOR, P. -B- Wood County
06-01350 TAYLOR, PINKIE Wood County
06-01375 BLALOCK, G. R. UNIT Wood County
06-01376 KIRKLAND, N. J. Wood County
06-02784 CASON, LILLIE, UNIT Camp County
06-04256 WRIGHT MTN. /PETTIT, LOWER/ UNIT Gregg County
06-05819 MILLER, T. H. Camp County
06-096083 HAYTER, SAM B. ESTATE Nacogdoches County
06-101746 O'BYRNE, EVA GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-123387 O'BYRNE, EVA GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-12901 CURTIS, H. F. "A" Cherokee County
06-132482 ROGERS, PAUL Panola County
06-141797 DANIELS GAS UNIT Panola County
06-145281 DANIELS GAS UNIT Panola County
08-06209 ODANIEL, A. E. Howard County
08-105773 CALDWELL ESTATE "4" Reeves County
08-120782 GILLS 8 Loving County
08-27590 BURNER Reeves County
08-29487 SUPERIOR STRAIN -24- Martin County
08-29854 TOM RANCH Martin County
09-03872 EVANS, J. W. Jack County
09-03876 RISCH, WM. L. Jack County
09-06858 MORGAN-BERRY Wilbarger County
09-25085 BROWN Grayson County
09-25860 FANT RANCH UNIT Knox County
09-28450 SHANKLES, J. M. Grayson County
10-061747 HOWELL 72 Hemphill County
10-061890 HOOVER UNIT Lipscomb County
10-068108 LANCASTER Wheeler County
10-06988 TERRELL Lipscomb County
10-071198 MY BABY Roberts County
10-076997 ALEXANDER Hemphill County
10-078914 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-084053 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-100190 JONES, L. L. Hemphill County
10-102177 HEFLEY Hemphill County
10-108206 YOUNG TRUST Hemphill County
10-117944 THORNE Hemphill County
10-119171 DAVIS Wheeler County
10-119666 IVESTOR Wheeler County
10-124050 LONGHOFER Lipscomb County
10-126144 GOBER Roberts County
10-126496 FARRIS -C- Wheeler County
10-126507 FLOWERS, LOIS Hemphill County
10-142871 KIKER-AMOCO Hemphill County
6E-08231 BEALL, J. R. Gregg County
6E-08241 HENDON, R. J. Rusk County
7B-23164 KING, WAYNE Coke County
7C-02132 WINDHAM Upton County
7C-11467 SUGG 5 Irion County
8A-00610 DAVIS, H. W. Kent County
8A-14585 WALLACE-RATLIFF UNIT "A" Kent County
8A-61816 WALLACE, BILBY Kent County
8A-63564 FLACHE, MITCHELL Terry County
8A-63826 JACKSON, JUANITA Hockley County
8A-63908 KEMPSON-WITT Hockley County
8A-64133 SEATON Terry County
8A-64161 ALEXANDER, RUTH Hockley County
8A-65977 SPRINGER, W. A. "B" King County
8A-66073 CUNNINGHAM Hockley County
8A-67289 MORGAN Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Samson Resources Company