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Wells Operated By Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation
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Leases Operated by Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15116 TEXAS-OSAGE Zavala County
01-15446 BRIGGS RANCH La Salle County
01-15457 BRIDWELL LIMITED UNIT La Salle County
01-15514 TALBUTT TRUST La Salle County
01-15636 CENIZO RANCH Dimmit County
01-15655 WRIGHT RANCH La Salle County
01-15733 RB AVANT UNIT Frio County
01-15770 CRABB RANCH Gonzales County
01-15782 COBRA McMullen County
01-15788 RATHJEN B UNIT La Salle County
01-15792 ALPHA WARE Zavala County
01-15801 RATHJEN A UNIT La Salle County
01-15828 HARDIN UNIT Frio County
01-15885 JLH LIC A UNIT La Salle County
01-16031 PETRO PARDS Zavala County
01-16049 SCOTT SCHULZE La Salle County
01-16055 RAY Zavala County
01-16056 GOODWIN Zavala County
01-16060 MARK & SANDRA UNIT Zavala County
01-16068 KRAWETZ RANCH A UNIT Zavala County
01-16254 JLH LIC D UNIT La Salle County
01-16329 GARZA RANCH A UNIT La Salle County
01-16349 COBRA B McMullen County
01-16388 SMITH A UNIT La Salle County
01-16389 SMITH B UNIT La Salle County
01-16403 LIBERATORE RANCH B UNIT La Salle County
01-16408 MUSTANG McMullen County
01-16548 RATHJEN C UNIT La Salle County
01-16552 LIBERATORE RANCH A UNIT La Salle County
01-16641 CORVETTE C McMullen County
01-16648 BARGER RANCH A UNIT La Salle County
01-16708 GRAN TORINO A McMullen County
01-16824 GARZA B UNIT La Salle County
01-16927 JLH LIC G UNIT La Salle County
01-16983 STING RAY A McMullen County
01-17007 JLH LIC F UNIT La Salle County
01-17018 CORVETTE A McMullen County
01-17099 CAMARO B McMullen County
01-17183 HAUSSER Frio County
01-17323 CAMARO A McMullen County
01-17352 TALBUTT UNIT La Salle County
01-17614 RUSSELL Dimmit County
01-19192 BRIGGS RANCH D & E UNIT La Salle County
02-104467 BRYSCH GAS UNIT 2 Live Oak County
02-10711 PROST UNIT H Lavaca County
02-10725 PROST UNIT G Lavaca County
02-10844 PROST UNIT I Fayette County
02-11376 PATMAN Jackson County
02-164061 BRYSCH GAS UNIT 2 Live Oak County
03-193840 BLACK STONE - DUFF GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-224206 RICE, W. M. UNIVERSITY UNIT Hardin County
03-245923 WEST BLESSING GAS UNIT B Matagorda County
03-25474 PHEASANT BLESSING Matagorda County
03-26091 PROST UNIT B Fayette County
03-26105 PROST UNIT A Fayette County
03-26120 DUGAT Chambers County
03-26200 PROST UNIT C Fayette County
03-26232 PROST UNIT E Fayette County
03-26233 PROST UNIT F Fayette County
03-26392 SANTE NORTH UNIT Fayette County
03-26429 PROST UNIT D Fayette County
03-26503 PROST UNIT O Fayette County
03-265865 GRESHAM GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-26631 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT A Fayette County
03-26632 PROST UNIT J Fayette County
03-26633 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT B Fayette County
03-26634 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT D Fayette County
03-26635 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT N Fayette County
04-13690 SANTERRA Duval County
04-13737 SLING Duval County
04-13800 LOPEZ Duval County
04-146926 USA Starr County
04-151749 USA Starr County
04-157188 USA Starr County
04-169825 BARRERA-LEYENDECKER GU 1 Webb County
04-253846 CRAIN & GRIFFITH Hidalgo County
04-258009 CRAIN & GRIFFITH B Hidalgo County
04-261128 HARGILL GAS UNIT "A" Willacy County
04-266642 HARGILL GAS UNIT 'A' Willacy County
08-26744 HILLGER, GLENN W. "A" Glasscock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation