Santa Fe Snyder Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Santa Fe Snyder Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Santa Fe Snyder Corporation
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840 GESSNER STE 1400

Leases Operated by Santa Fe Snyder Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-019659 WIGHT Ector County
08-12017 COWDEN -A- Ector County
08-19775 GURNEY Ward County
08-21162 SALE RANCH Martin County
08-21313 SALE RANCH -A- Martin County
08-21372 SALE RANCH -B- Martin County
08-21438 SALE RANCH -C- Martin County
08-21491 SALE RANCH -D- Martin County
08-21515 EPLEY, LENORAH Martin County
08-21546 EPLEY, LENORAH -B- Martin County
08-21553 EPLEY, LENORAH -A- Martin County
08-21589 HAZELWOOD -A- Martin County
08-21670 STROUD -E- Martin County
08-21672 SMITH, BESSIE Martin County
08-21704 SHOEMAKER, CLARA Martin County
08-21752 HAZELWOOD -B- Martin County
08-21786 SALE RANCH -E- Martin County
08-21824 SALE RANCH -F- Martin County
08-22000 STUBBLEFIELD Martin County
08-22020 HAZELWOOD -C- Martin County
08-22070 SALE RANCH -H- Martin County
08-22074 SALE RANCH -G- Martin County
08-22088 BLOCKER Martin County
08-22097 SALE RANCH -K- Martin County
08-22119 GLASSCOCK -B- Martin County
08-22162 HULL Martin County
08-22173 SALE RANCH -L- Martin County
08-22178 GLASSCOCK -C- Martin County
08-22215 BLOCKER -A- Martin County
08-22221 KEY B Martin County
08-22305 GLASSCOCK A5 Martin County
08-22543 SALE RANCH -M- Martin County
08-22556 GLASS CC Martin County
08-22577 EPLEY -E- Martin County
08-22687 GLASS -FF- Martin County
08-22955 GLASPIE Martin County
08-23475 UNIVERSITY "9" Andrews County
08-23562 EPLEY "G" Martin County
08-24269 SALE RANCH "Q" Martin County
08-24350 SALE RANCH "S" Martin County
08-24782 ZIMMERMAN Martin County
08-25319 BARSTOW 10 Ward County
08-25549 BARSTOW -19- Ward County
08-25645 BARSTOW -13- Ward County
08-26481 BARSTOW -26- Ward County
08-27381 BARSTOW -30- Ward County
08-27483 BARSTOW -23- Ward County
08-30315 BARSTOW -18- Ward County
08-30632 BARSTOW -14- Ward County
08-30932 BARSTOW -16- Ward County
08-33996 BARSTOW 11 Ward County
08-34660 MABEE MERCURY Andrews County
08-34977 BREEDLOVE-POLARIS Martin County
08-36189 POWELL RANCH Howard County
08-36194 ALLDAY N11 Howard County
08-36195 BARBER -11- Howard County
08-36196 BARBER -15- Howard County
08-36232 MARTIN "28" Howard County
08-36252 ALLDAY "N14" Howard County
08-36280 BOND "22" Howard County
08-36290 CHOATE "16" UNIT Howard County
08-36315 MARCHBANKS "28" Howard County
08-36317 BARBER "N15" Howard County
08-36380 MARTIN "16" Howard County
7C-110408 MITCHELL, TOM Crockett County
7C-113958 HERMAN 8 Terrell County
7C-118670 HERMAN 8 Terrell County
7C-164857 MITCHELL, TOM UNIT Crockett County
8A-19574 REEVES UNIT Terry County
8A-60232 WHITEFACE UNIT Cochran County
8A-60565 SIDES Lubbock County
8A-60887 LINK Gaines County
8A-61775 OAKS Martin County
8A-61869 ODC FEE "881" Yoakum County
8A-64495 JENKINS, SAM C. Gaines County
8A-64619 WELLMAN WEST UNIT Terry County
8A-65721 BALES, E. F. Gaines County
8A-66754 LINDOSS UNIT Gaines County
8A-66849 SPARKS "3" Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Santa Fe Snyder Corporation