Scheriger Production Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Scheriger Production
Map of Wells Operated by Scheriger Production
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Leases Operated by Scheriger Production

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-014637 TREVINO, ADOLFO Jim Hogg County
04-014638 TREVINO, ADOLFO Jim Hogg County
05-077234 REYNOLDS, W. Henderson County
06-016519 LANDERS, M. H. ACCT. 2 Wood County
06-01895 BOOKOUT, ANITA Harrison County
06-02926 LANDERS, M. H. Wood County
06-04461 WOODLEY, J. J. -A- Harrison County
06-100732 VAUGHN Harrison County
06-10591 FURRH, JAMES B. ET AL Harrison County
06-10783 LIPSCOMB-SULLIVAN Wood County
06-108497 MARSHALL BRICK PLANT GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-11274 MCDUFFIE, B. J. Nacogdoches County
06-11712 SMITH, DON Wood County
06-11819 SCOTT, JAMES Harrison County
06-11840 BLALOCK Harrison County
06-118932 BLUMBERG, JANE W., NO.2 Rusk County
06-12109 THOR-HAGGERTY Harrison County
06-12203 BLALOCK Harrison County
06-12426 THOMPSON, R. G. Titus County
06-12505 GWF UNIT Smith County
06-12681 ROGERS, WEB JR. Harrison County
06-12801 BROVENTURE Titus County
06-13104 ROGERS HEIRS "B" Harrison County
06-139319 METCALF Panola County
09-07544 JACKS -B- Young County
09-08089 GREGG, FRANCES L. Young County
09-122081 JORDAN BB Young County
09-122083 JORDAN BB Young County
09-122084 JORDAN BB Young County
09-122085 JORDAN BB Young County
09-122087 JORDAN BB Young County
09-124805 JORDAN BB Young County
09-124807 JORDAN BB Young County
09-124808 JORDAN BB Young County
09-124809 JORDAN BB Young County
09-12872 CARR, T. V. Archer County
09-15887 BARRETT, B. F. Young County
09-21525 MCCLOUD Young County
09-22498 GARDENHIRE Young County
09-23954 JORDAN 3MC Young County
09-29550 KOGER-ABERCROMBIE Archer County
09-29711 HEARD-KUNKEL UNIT Archer County
10-03765 RASNICK Ochiltree County

Drilling Permits Filed by Scheriger Production