Schlachter, David A. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Schlachter, David A.
Map of Wells Operated by Schlachter, David A.
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Leases Operated by Schlachter, David A.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00809 BARTLING, H. F. Caldwell County
01-00810 HOLCOMB-BRANNING Caldwell County
01-00811 JOLLEY, A. W. Caldwell County
01-00813 SCHAEFFER, T. Caldwell County
04-02882 D. C. R. C. TRACT C Duval County
05-01543 WHITEHURST, A. M. Hopkins County
05-02135 LEE, MARK B. Red River County
05-03518 LEE, MARK B. 5 Red River County
06-00207 ONEAL, W. L. Smith County
06-00217 JACKSON, W. Smith County
06-015947 JONES, J. C. Smith County
06-017064 GAS UNIT #6 Wood County
06-03103 HUMBLE-HOLMES FEE Navarro County
06-03115 TIMMONS, MARGARET B. Titus County
06-03139 HUMBLE-HOLMES FEE Titus County
06-03153 TIMMONS, MARGARET B. Titus County
06-096861 MACKEY, BILL Gregg County
06-10053 MORGAN, J. C., ET AL Wood County
06-10094 DORSEY, N. R. Rusk County
06-101288 MACKEY, L. L. Gregg County
06-104188 FOSTER, MARY LOU Wood County
06-10422 HATTIE MORGAN Wood County
06-104239 WILLIAMS, E. "A" Smith County
06-10434 BELCHER, JENNIE Titus County
06-10448 GLENN, ARNOLD Wood County
06-10497 WILLIAMS, E. Smith County
06-10530 JONES Smith County
06-10538 BELCHER, JENNIE Titus County
06-10617 GLENN, ARNOLD Wood County
06-10621 WILLIAMS, E. Smith County
06-10758 WILLIAMS, E. "A" Smith County
06-10817 RAYFORD, O. L. Smith County
06-10961 RAYFORD, O. L. Smith County
06-11000 RAYFORD, H. Smith County
06-11168 RAYFORD, HENRY Smith County
06-11341 JACKSON, W. Smith County
06-11457 RAYFORD, SID Smith County
06-11762 JACKSON, JESSE Smith County
06-126288 SCHLACHTER, D.A. Wood County
06-13821 WILLIAMS, E. "A" Smith County
06-13865 GLENN, ARNOLD Wood County
08-02452 MOSS, PAUL '34' Ector County
08-06917 PARKER, J. E. Ector County
08-07958 MOORHEAD, ELOISE WHEAT -A- Loving County
08-07985 BELL-LEPP Loving County
08-07990 WHEAT, J. J. -E- Loving County
08-07991 WHEAT-RAMSEY TRACT -A- Loving County
08-07992 WHEAT-RAMSEY TRACT -B- Loving County
08-09554 ECTOR -G- FEE Ector County
08-12911 CUMMINS, H. E. -E- Winkler County
08-13785 COWDEN -F- Ector County
08-14168 COWDEN -J- Ector County
08-14399 WHEAT, JAMES J. Loving County
08-15056 COWDEN -D- Ector County
08-24946 PHELAN, BONITA Mitchell County
08-27998 TRULOCK, JAMES S. Mitchell County
09-02862 OHAGAN, CHAS. Grayson County
09-02879 GRIFFIN, M. Grayson County
09-02880 HUFF, J. G. Grayson County
09-04625 MCCALL, C. Montague County
09-10307 ROBERTSON, KATHRYN Grayson County
09-10890 JOHNSON, G. E. Foard County
09-12657 BEVERLY, TOM Foard County
09-16177 HUDGINS, LEE Grayson County
10-025905 WRIGHT, J. M. Gray County
10-02899 WRIGHT Gray County
7C-037853 KITCHENS, A. E. -B- Concho County
7C-03896 BARFKNECHT, M. F. Concho County
7C-03972 WATKINS, L. G. Concho County
7C-04191 SPECK, ED, -A- Concho County
7C-04442 SPECK, ED -A- Concho County
7C-047043 PIERCE, V. I. Crockett County
7C-05421 PIERCE, V. I. Crockett County
7C-072304 PIERCE, V. I. Crockett County
7C-100348 COX, VERNON Crockett County
7C-131402 PIERCE, V. I. Crockett County
8A-10503 SHANNON, M. A. ESTATE Scurry County
8A-11010 SHANNON W. TX MEM. HOSPITAL "B" Scurry County
8A-64289 SHANNON WTMH "B" Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Schlachter, David A.