Scully Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Scully Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Scully Energy Corporation
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 572
SALADO, TX 76571

Leases Operated by Scully Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04094 KAISER Caldwell County
01-05670 LACKEY, C.L. "C" Caldwell County
01-09656 REED, N. W. Caldwell County
01-09657 REED, N. W. -B- Caldwell County
01-10054 CAST Caldwell County
01-12021 BOREN Caldwell County
01-12120 KLUTTS Caldwell County
01-12150 ROBINSON, W.F. Caldwell County
01-12343 EMERSON Caldwell County
01-12474 LULING AIRPORT Caldwell County
01-13341 CAST, G. Caldwell County
01-13548 CAST Caldwell County
01-13613 BOREN IV Caldwell County
01-13614 BOREN V Caldwell County
01-13729 DINGES, W. E. Caldwell County
01-13789 SCHMIDT Caldwell County
01-13819 DINGES A-1 Caldwell County
01-13830 KAISER Caldwell County
01-13837 DINGES Caldwell County
01-13848 ROBINSON Caldwell County
01-13882 LACKEY Caldwell County
01-13891 ROBINSON Caldwell County
01-13950 ROBINSON I Caldwell County
01-14058 SCHMIDT -C- Caldwell County
01-14428 MOORE, W. D. Caldwell County
01-14497 ANNE DUNN UNIT Caldwell County
01-14519 TILLER, D. G. (SCULLY) Caldwell County
01-14553 DINGES, M.Y. #4A Caldwell County
01-14756 WINN Dimmit County
01-14784 DINGES Caldwell County
01-14860 TALLEY "X" Caldwell County
01-251848 VELESKY Bell County
01-256044 VELESKY Bell County
02-148657 MEEKS, DONALD Victoria County
02-149302 HENDERSON, PAUL Jackson County
02-150532 MEEK, PAULINE Victoria County
02-150633 ROGERS Jackson County
02-150712 MEEK, DONALD Victoria County
02-150883 MEEK, DONALD Victoria County
02-150976 BOGERT Goliad County
02-151587 PARKS Goliad County
02-152140 RUSCHHAUPT Victoria County
02-152291 HENDERSON, PAUL Jackson County
02-154957 DORTHY Lavaca County
02-155576 INGLE Bee County
7B-17364 DEVANNEY Coleman County
7B-218715 GOTCHER Lampasas County
7B-227152 CARACCIA Coryell County
7B-227153 METTY Lampasas County
7B-227155 MORSE Lampasas County
7B-227158 SCHROEDER Coryell County
7B-227490 O'BRYAN UNIT Coryell County
7B-227496 KURIEN Coryell County
7B-227499 DECAMP UNIT Coryell County
7B-227503 GOTCHER Lampasas County
7B-227505 GOTCHER Lampasas County
7B-234354 SHEEHY Coryell County
7B-237944 GOTCHER Lampasas County
7B-238692 GOTCHER Lampasas County
7B-244017 GOTCHER Lampasas County
7B-244806 WYNNE Lampasas County
7B-249650 DILLARD Lampasas County
7B-249653 TAYLOR Lampasas County
7B-249875 LEE Lampasas County
7B-250001 SHACKELFORD Lampasas County
7B-250003 HALL Lampasas County
7B-250095 GROOTHOFF Lampasas County
7B-250098 CLAYTON Lampasas County
7B-250101 RAINEY-BREWER Lampasas County
7B-250165 DAVIS Lampasas County
7B-250166 LEE Lampasas County
7B-250167 TAYLOR Lampasas County
7B-253244 LUKEHART Lampasas County
7B-253381 RAINEY-BREWER Lampasas County
7B-253392 FUDGE Lampasas County
7B-253394 LUTZ Lampasas County
7B-256437 RAINEY-BREWER Lampasas County
7B-256439 RAINEY-BREWER Lampasas County
7B-263517 HOFFPAUIR Lampasas County
7B-28684 DEVANNEY, MARICA Coleman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Scully Energy Corporation