Sellers Lease Service, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sellers Lease Service, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Sellers Lease Service, Inc.
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P O BOX 369


Leases Operated by Sellers Lease Service, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01704 SIMMONS, IKE Gonzales County
01-01705 STULTING, N. C. Gonzales County
01-02111 ELLISON, A. Wilson County
01-02501 ELLISON, ALBERT Wilson County
01-03178 HOFFMAN, MARTIN -B- Guadalupe County
01-03180 HOFFMAN, LILLIE Guadalupe County
01-04412 SCOTT, DAVE ET AL Burleson County
01-04838 BOULDIN, PAULINE OIL UNIT #1 Gonzales County
01-050578 MORROW, VIOLA Gonzales County
01-06488 JOHNSON Gonzales County
01-07593 MOESKER Gonzales County
01-08546 PARR Gonzales County
01-09193 JOHNSTON, JOE H. Gonzales County
01-09458 MORGAN, ALVIN L. ET AL Bastrop County
01-09547 PULLIN Gonzales County
01-10127 JOHNSTON & PARR UNIT Gonzales County
01-11497 SCHNEEBELI, EARL Milam County
01-11667 MIEARS -F- Caldwell County
01-11971 STEGLICH, J. C. Bastrop County
01-12164 MEHAFFEY, L.C. S Milam County
01-12211 SCHNEEBELI, KITTIE Milam County
01-12455 STAMPER Milam County
01-12510 HENRY, MAUDE Gonzales County
01-12725 MORROW, VIOLA Gonzales County
01-12932 MORROW, VIOLA Gonzales County
01-129574 SCHMIDT, H. Gonzales County
01-13028 CLIFTON, THOMAS E. Gonzales County
01-13159 HENRY, MAUDE Gonzales County
01-132131 EVANS, THEO Gonzales County
01-13676 MORROW, VIOLA Gonzales County
01-13723 DARBY FEE Milam County
01-13945 CLIFTON, THOMAS E. Gonzales County
01-14107 HENRY, MAUDE Gonzales County
01-14133 A.D. PURSWELL UNIT "A" Gonzales County
01-14148 MORROW, VIOLA -A- Gonzales County
01-17149 GLEN LUMPKINS Milam County
01-17579 SCHNEEBELI, EARL Milam County
01-17833 GILLIAM Milam County
01-18391 SCHULTEA Milam County
03-00700 JANECKA, D. "A" Fayette County
03-03116 TUPA, JOSEPH, ET AL Fayette County
03-07035 STEINHAUSER, ALFRED E. Fayette County
03-07553 BROWNLOW, D. Fayette County
03-09462 LEWAR UNIT -A- Fayette County
03-09824 ARNIM, E. A. Fayette County
03-09922 ALFORD, J. Burleson County
03-09942 COTTON, E. A. Burleson County
03-09987 UNDERWOOD, T. R. Milam County
03-10008 ARNIM, E. A. Fayette County
03-11412 CHERRY, EVERETT Fayette County
03-15591 NEEDHAM, EARL Fayette County
03-16563 FOSTER Colorado County
03-16637 VINKLAREK, A.D. Fayette County
03-17216 SIGMUNDIK Fayette County
03-17217 CATHOLIC CHURCH Fayette County
03-18685 GRODHAUS Colorado County
03-18748 VINKLAREK, A.D. Fayette County
03-18783 TOWN UNIT Fayette County
03-19077 NAUMANN, ET AL Bastrop County
03-19347 VINKLAREK, A.D. Fayette County
03-19649 CATHOLIC CHURCH Fayette County
03-20304 WEISE "A" Lee County
03-20618 JANECKA Fayette County
03-20966 JANECKA Fayette County
03-22129 TUPA, JOSEPH E. Fayette County
03-22682 SURMAN Fayette County
03-22683 SURMAN Fayette County
03-22710 RIGHTMER RANCH Fayette County
03-22829 HRI - WEISE A Lee County
03-23267 KOCIAN UNIT Fayette County
03-23398 SURMAN Fayette County
03-23399 SURMAN Fayette County
03-23400 SURMAN Fayette County
03-23429 SURMAN Fayette County
03-24411 POLK UNIT Fayette County
03-24598 SURMAN Fayette County
03-26791 JOSEPH E. TUPA Fayette County
03-27855 JANECKA, D. 'A' Fayette County
7C-12903 NITSCH, C. ESTATE Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sellers Lease Service, Inc.