Sequoia Fossil Fuels, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sequoia Fossil Fuels, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Sequoia Fossil Fuels, Inc.
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P O BOX 2079
ALBANY, TX 76430

Leases Operated by Sequoia Fossil Fuels, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-06403 SIMONS, T. K. Jackson County
02-08449 MENEFEE Jackson County
02-09363 SIMONS, T.K. Jackson County
02-09364 MENEFEE Jackson County
02-112729 MENEFEE Jackson County
02-165416 SIMONS, T. K. Jackson County
02-195335 MENEFEE Jackson County
7B-03185 DYER Shackelford County
7B-03216 DYER, J.F. "C" Shackelford County
7B-03217 LONES, H. A. Shackelford County
7B-03280 MCCORD, MARY INEZ Shackelford County
7B-03291 ARNOLD, J. H. Shackelford County
7B-03294 OSBORN, W. H. Shackelford County
7B-03297 TARRANT CLOUD Shackelford County
7B-06172 MCFARLANE, J. W. Callahan County
7B-06429 DAVIS, S. M. Callahan County
7B-09193 NEWELL, W. P., -A- Shackelford County
7B-093724 SIKES Eastland County
7B-094087 HUDSON(SEC 70) Shackelford County
7B-094404 HUDMAN Shackelford County
7B-09753 JACKSON -C- Callahan County
7B-097761 HUDSON (SEC.70) Shackelford County
7B-102770 DAWSON-CONWAY Shackelford County
7B-10324 NEWELL, W. P., SEC. 2 Shackelford County
7B-10538 HINES, HARRY, UNIT Shackelford County
7B-105616 EARP Callahan County
7B-105977 PRUET B Callahan County
7B-105978 PRUET 2277 Callahan County
7B-106027 HUDMAN, E.E. Shackelford County
7B-107301 HOWE Callahan County
7B-148356 WILLIAMS 2973 Callahan County
7B-152773 RODRIGUEZ Shackelford County
7B-154646 KERR Eastland County
7B-156239 MONTGOMERY Shackelford County
7B-15671 KERR Eastland County
7B-15700 ODOM 124 Callahan County
7B-15763 ENLOW Callahan County
7B-15773 SNEED Eastland County
7B-16047 SNEED "A" Eastland County
7B-16102 WILLIAMS (SEC 70) Shackelford County
7B-16188 SNEED "B" Eastland County
7B-16501 HUDSON (SEC 70) Shackelford County
7B-16530 SNEED "C" Eastland County
7B-193385 EZZELL Callahan County
7B-19461 DENTON, NELDA B. Taylor County
7B-19469 COMPTON, S. W. Shackelford County
7B-19624 MIDKIFF Shackelford County
7B-199309 COMPTON, S. W. Shackelford County
7B-199310 COMPTON, S. W. Shackelford County
7B-20510 HOWE NORTH Callahan County
7B-20833 NEWELL 3 Shackelford County
7B-21112 KIEKE, L. Haskell County
7B-22298 MONTGOMERY "20" Shackelford County
7B-22305 PRUITT Shackelford County
7B-22382 HUDSON "A" Shackelford County
7B-22547 PRUETT 2277 Callahan County
7B-22820 NAIL RANCH 152A Shackelford County
7B-27015 WILLIAMS. L.L. Callahan County
7B-27034 PRUET "B" Callahan County
7B-27298 ORR, E. L. Jones County
7B-27397 HINES, HARRY UNIT Shackelford County
7B-28696 BRANHAM "54" Shackelford County
7B-29016 DAVIS, J. T. ESTATE Callahan County
7B-29324 MOORE SECTION 61 Shackelford County
7B-29489 HAMER Comanche County
7B-29823 MOORE, BOBBY "30" Shackelford County
7B-30132 HOLLOWAY Jones County
7B-30228 NELLEN Shackelford County
7C-08099 PALMER, JAMES Runnels County
7C-08268 DEAN, E. H. Runnels County
7C-10960 PALMER Runnels County
7C-165722 DEAN, ORA LEE Runnels County
7C-166215 EDMONDSON Runnels County
7C-167032 LANGE Runnels County
7C-171967 DEAN, ORA LEE Runnels County
7C-172288 EDMONDSON Runnels County
8A-077095 FRAZIER, MARY Cottle County
8A-094516 PARNELL, VIVIAN Cottle County
8A-097157 OPAL Cottle County
8A-117710 BEARDEN Cottle County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sequoia Fossil Fuels, Inc.