Setex Oil And Gas Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Setex Oil And Gas Company
Map of Wells Operated by Setex Oil And Gas Company
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Leases Operated by Setex Oil And Gas Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000347 WEST, G. W. Zavala County
01-082273 WINTERBOTHAM, J. M. ESTATE Zavala County
01-115103 PERRY Zavala County
01-14017 MURPHY Zavala County
01-158938 WILKERSON Zavala County
01-159608 WEST Zavala County
01-160173 JENNINGS Zavala County
01-160658 WEST Zavala County
01-160688 BOWMAN-RUSSELL Zavala County
01-162079 BOWMAN-RUSSELL Zavala County
01-167867 WILKIRSON Zavala County
01-167911 BOWMAN-RUSSELL Zavala County
01-181462 WEST, G. W. Zavala County
02-126681 HUFF GU 2 Refugio County
02-128875 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-133278 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-138157 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-139759 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-140381 MCFADDIN "C" Victoria County
02-141410 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
03-02868 COCKBURN -B- Wharton County
03-112878 HEATH Madison County
03-112937 CRANE Madison County
03-113559 VICK, M. Y. Madison County
03-114006 VICK, M. Y. Madison County
03-114873 VICK, M.Y. Madison County
03-116484 POWLEDGE Grimes County
03-11891 VICK, M.Y. "B" SWD Madison County
03-12323 ARGCH CO. Brazoria County
03-143863 VICK, M. Y. Madison County
03-16957 ROGERS Madison County
03-171378 PHILLIPS, H. S. Austin County
03-172303 WEINHEIMER Wharton County
03-17298 MOSS-MALONE Madison County
03-173745 MIKESKA Austin County
03-17710 CARMICHAEL Madison County
03-17715 VICK, M. Y. Madison County
03-178692 VICK, M. Y. Madison County
03-18376 MOSS-MALONE Madison County
03-197241 MOSS-MALONE Madison County
03-197255 MOSS-MALONE Madison County
03-208981 HASSLER Grimes County
03-210159 UPCHURCH-MCDOUGALD UNIT Grimes County
03-22577 HASSLER UNIT SWD Grimes County
03-22790 PEARSON UNIT Grimes County
03-22797 VASTAR FEE 307 Tyler County
03-22823 BELL, HARRY Grimes County
03-22861 HOWARD Grimes County
03-23030 WATT DL Grimes County
03-23988 NORWOOD UNIT Grimes County
6E-08082 EVERETT Gregg County
7B-158080 WHARTON, RITCHIE Palo Pinto County
7B-173724 RITCHIE, ANN Palo Pinto County
7B-173725 RITCHIE, JOHN Palo Pinto County
7B-26014 RIEBE, H. Palo Pinto County
7B-26251 RIEBE, G. Palo Pinto County
7B-26424 RITCHIE-WHARTON Palo Pinto County
7B-27682 RITCHIE-WHARTON Palo Pinto County
7C-02057 CBS SHANNON ESTATE Crockett County
7C-02065 EL TEX Crockett County
7C-02066 SHANNON, M. A. EST. Crockett County
7C-02067 MCCLATCHEY-GAUVEY Crockett County
7C-02069 SHANNON, J. M. EST. -C- Crockett County
7C-02071 SHANNON -T- Crockett County
7C-02072 VAUGHAN -B- T. Crockett County
7C-02073 VAUGHAN, -A- T. Crockett County
7C-05146 ADAMS, P. E. & J. E. Sutton County
7C-051639 FAULKNER, W. MRS. Sutton County
7C-05803 FT. TERRETT RANCH /CANYON LM/ U. Sutton County
7C-07134 VAUGHN, ISABEL Crockett County
7C-07139 SHANNON T Crockett County
7C-07145 VAUGHN "SC" Crockett County
7C-07172 FAULKNER, H.M. -B- Sutton County
7C-07211 ADAMS, P. E. & J. E. Sutton County
7C-073678 WADE 33 Sutton County
7C-073774 SELLMAN 33 Sutton County
7C-073778 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-08755 ADAMS, J. E. "C" Sutton County
7C-138326 SCHWIENING, ALFRED Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Setex Oil And Gas Company