Sklar & Phillips Oil Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sklar & Phillips Oil Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Sklar & Phillips Oil Co.
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Leases Operated by Sklar & Phillips Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-12724 LOHMANN Jefferson County
03-14122 COOPER-TRADD Hardin County
03-14946 COOPER-TRADD -A- Hardin County
03-15444 TYRRELL Jefferson County
03-15926 COOPER-TRADD 'B' Hardin County
03-15999 MIDWEST VIDEO UNIT #1 Brazos County
03-16173 MIDWEST VIDEO UNIT #1 Brazos County
03-16580 PARKWAY Brazos County
05-015560 MASON, LULA, GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-02527 CARPENTER ET AL UNIT Navarro County
05-02556 WATLEY ET AL Navarro County
05-043464 LAYTON Freestone County
05-110088 HENDERSON, R. L. HEIRS Limestone County
05-133030 KIRCHNER Freestone County
05-141375 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-143304 HENDERSON, HAZEL Limestone County
05-143558 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-143559 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-144087 HENDERSON, HAZEL Limestone County
05-144331 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-144854 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-148939 YARBROUGH TRUST Limestone County
05-152165 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-152167 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-152588 HENDERSON, HAZEL Limestone County
05-153294 ARCHER-BATTLE Limestone County
05-153303 HENDERSON, R.L. HEIRS Limestone County
05-155013 THOMASON Limestone County
05-156211 YARBROUGH TRUST Limestone County
05-156212 BETTINGER Limestone County
05-156214 CRIDER GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-156401 ETHRIDGE Limestone County
05-157191 MASON, LULA Limestone County
05-158194 SIMS, KENNETH Limestone County
05-158195 WORSLEY Limestone County
05-158225 YARBROUGH TRUST Limestone County
05-160086 PHILLIPS Limestone County
05-160222 ALDERMAN, J. ROGER Freestone County
05-160959 SIMS GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-161502 ALDERMAN, J. ROGER Freestone County
05-162578 BETTINGER Limestone County
05-165646 WORSLEY Limestone County
05-167116 KING Limestone County
05-171749 KING GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-172824 YARBROUGH TRUST Limestone County
05-173207 SMITH, CHARLES Limestone County
05-173365 VICKERS Freestone County
05-175472 WHITE Limestone County
06-01198 TROSPER, J. M. Panola County
06-01200 WEEKS, CHARLES Panola County
06-01512 COBB, W. R. Cass County
06-01523 WILLIAMS, W. C. Cass County
06-02294 WILLIAMS, G. C. Cass County
06-03230 WILLIAMS, G. C., #3 Cass County
06-03927 UNION PRODUCING CO. FEE Cass County
06-051148 CHEW Cass County
06-05133 J. L. WIGGINS Cass County
06-05157 RODESSA, NW./MITCHELL/ W.F. UNIT Cass County
06-10430 FAIR OIL, LTD Smith County
06-10550 TELEDYNE Smith County
06-10679 WARREN, JAMES ESTATE Smith County
06-10681 SUN Smith County
06-10846 JONES Smith County
06-10934 WARREN, JAMES ESTATE Smith County
06-10935 JONES Smith County
06-10987 HILLIARD WARREN ESTATE Smith County
06-11235 HILLIARD WARREN ESTATE Smith County
06-113289 JONES Smith County
06-11329 BROWN, J. HEIRS Smith County
06-11415 CAIN "A" Cass County
06-11552 MACKEY, W. C. Gregg County
06-12090 HOLLEY Marion County
06-12300 HICKS Marion County
06-12607 FLORENCE Cass County
06-12808 STARCKE Cass County
06-12903 STARCKE Cass County
06-129950 HUNT UNIT Panola County
06-13096 WILLIAMS, G. C. Cass County
6E-08062 MUCKELROY, A., ET AL Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sklar & Phillips Oil Co.