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Wells Operated By SM Energy Company
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Leases Operated by SM Energy Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-282884 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-282886 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-282888 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-282891 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-282892 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-282936 BRISCOE G GU8 STATE (SA3) Webb County
01-283949 BRISCOE GU6 STATE AR Webb County
01-285258 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-285260 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-285282 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-285332 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-285369 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
06-263549 MARQUETTE San Augustine County
06-263963 CORONADO San Augustine County
08-47078 WHITAKER 22-27 UNIT Martin County
08-48207 BLISSARD 20-29 Martin County
08-48539 TOP GUN Howard County
08-48694 VIPER 14-09 Howard County
08-48742 GUITAR NORTH Howard County
08-48819 VENKMAN 26-35 B Howard County
08-48828 PAPAGIORGIO 33-40 B Howard County
08-48897 ZISSOU 32-41 A Howard County
08-49061 ICEMAN Howard County
08-49071 GRISWOLD 3-46 A Howard County
08-49243 JESTER Martin County
08-49333 MAVERICK Howard County
08-49438 SUNDOWN Howard County
08-49751 BERLINDA ANN Martin County
08-49812 FEZZIK A Howard County
08-49825 GRISWOLD Howard County
08-49866 WILEY BOB A Howard County
08-49909 FLETCH A Howard County
08-50218 LUMBERGH Martin County
08-50229 BIG DADDY A Howard County
08-50246 BIG DADDY B Howard County
08-50280 SPACKLER Martin County
08-50284 FARVA B Howard County
08-50291 FARVA A Howard County
08-50340 COUGAR A Howard County
08-50437 MICHAEL SCOTT C Howard County
08-50438 MICHAEL SCOTT D Howard County
08-50439 MICHAEL SCOTT B Howard County
08-50449 MICHAEL SCOTT A Howard County
08-50450 MICHAEL SCOTT E Howard County
08-50483 COSTANZA A Howard County
08-50499 KRAMER A Howard County
08-50500 KRAMER B Howard County
08-50509 O'HAGEN B Howard County
08-50531 KRAMER D Howard County
08-50549 COSTANZA B Howard County
08-50579 KRAMER C Howard County
08-50628 COSTANZA C Howard County
08-50635 COSTANZA E Howard County
08-50679 COSTANZA D Howard County
08-50752 SHOOTER MCGAVIN A Howard County
08-50753 SHOOTER MCGAVIN B Howard County
08-50770 FEZZIK B Howard County
08-50817 JENNY CURRAN Howard County
08-50818 PHIL CONNORS Howard County
08-50861 ZISSOU Howard County
7C-15481 BRITAIN Upton County
7C-15489 DORCUS Midland County
7C-19408 WILMA (SA) D Upton County
7C-19535 JUDY JULIBETH (SA) E Upton County
7C-19593 DORCUS JANEY (SA) Y Upton County
7C-19597 DORCUS JANEY (SA) X Upton County
7C-19613 DORCUS JANEY (SA) W Upton County
7C-19666 BRENDA KATHRYN (SA) AI Upton County
7C-19751 BRENDA KATHRYN (SA) R Upton County
7C-19927 WILMA DORCUS (SA) X Upton County
7C-19946 WILMA DORCUS (SA) N Upton County
7C-19951 WILMA DORCUS (SA) V Upton County
7C-19952 WILMA DORCUS (SA) W Upton County
7C-19975 WILMA DORCUS (SA) O Upton County
7C-20021 TXL CAITLIN (SA) H Upton County
7C-20022 TXL CAITLIN (SA) G Upton County
7C-20031 WILMA DORCUS (SA) E Upton County
7C-20039 WILMA DORCUS (SA) G Upton County
7C-20047 TXL CAITLIN (SA) F Upton County
7C-20050 WILMA DORCUS (SA) F Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by SM Energy Company