Southern Bay Operating, L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Southern Bay Operating, L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Southern Bay Operating, L.L.C.
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HOUSTON, TX 77002-6003

Leases Operated by Southern Bay Operating, L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15646 NEWTONVILLE UNIT Gonzales County
01-16538 NEWTONVILLE NORTH UNIT Gonzales County
01-16586 NEWTONVILLE EAST UNIT Gonzales County
02-09365 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
03-13945 THEISS WB Madison County
03-18731 LEITKO UNIT Lee County
03-187579 MONTGOMERY GAS UNIT Washington County
03-187758 MAC ARTHUR UNIT Washington County
03-187983 VANDERGRIFT UNIT Washington County
03-188042 BRADLEY GAS UNIT Washington County
03-188994 MOUNTBATTEN GAS UNIT Washington County
03-199794 HAYNIE-SCHWEITZ UNIT Grimes County
03-200109 EDGE, GORDON Grimes County
03-211614 RIETZ TRUST UNIT Grimes County
03-211949 BROWN UNIT Grimes County
03-213659 UILKIE Grimes County
03-216809 SANDERS UNIT Grimes County
03-219874 MC CUNE Grimes County
03-223316 BOSSE, A. B. Grimes County
03-227991 HAYNIE-MOODY Grimes County
03-229621 W.P.T. Montgomery County
03-229800 ASHORN Grimes County
03-232242 LAKE CREEK UNIT Grimes County
03-232611 HAYNIE, TOM Grimes County
03-234455 KEISLER Grimes County
03-236334 EAST RICHARDS UNIT Grimes County
03-23958 PERKINS - YAGER Brazos County
03-23961 SMITH, RICHARD "B" Brazos County
03-24165 SEBESTA Burleson County
03-24174 CONNOR-WHEELER Brazos County
03-24208 ROMMEL UNIT Washington County
03-242512 WEST RICHARDS UNIT Grimes County
03-24257 TARANTULA Burleson County
03-24273 PATE UNIT Brazos County
03-24276 HOFF-FISCHER Washington County
03-243801 KEISLER UNIT Grimes County
03-244593 HAYNIE, JEFF COMPANY UNIT Grimes County
03-246965 HURST-BAY UNIT Grimes County
03-24740 HALL WB Madison County
03-24841 GROESBECK Brazos County
03-24961 SHEPHERD CREEK WB Madison County
03-25072 FITZHUGH ET AL Orange County
03-254077 LONGSTREET UNIT Montgomery County
03-26083 ARNIM "A" UNIT Fayette County
03-26084 RING "A" UNIT Fayette County
03-26089 BLACK JACK SPRINGS UNIT Fayette County
03-26093 FLATONIA EAST UNIT Fayette County
03-26111 MICA UNIT Fayette County
03-263818 WEST CANNON UNIT Grimes County
04-05421 DRISCOLL, ROBERT Duval County
04-103512 LANE, S. L. San Patricio County
04-12145 WELDER, J.F. UNIT San Patricio County
06-13316 BROWN-DONNER A-1166 UNIT Newton County
06-13525 SPRINGER, B. K. Jasper County
06-13853 BROWN-DONNER UNIT A-567 Newton County
06-13923 GIBBS BROS. UNIT Newton County
06-154275 ARCO-FEE A-215 Jasper County
06-155817 ARCO FEE A-910 Jasper County
06-156985 BLACK STONE MINERALS A-982 UNIT Jasper County
06-156986 ARCO/BLACK STONE A-233 UNIT Jasper County
06-176419 BLACK STONE MINERALS UNIT A-981 Jasper County
06-176601 VASTAR FEE UNIT A-888 Jasper County
06-177403 VASTAR FEE UNIT A-910 Jasper County
06-179974 FORTENSKY, L. A-1104 Newton County
06-185306 DONNER-BROWN UNIT A-83 Newton County
06-186080 BLACK STONE MINERALS UNIT A-977 Jasper County
06-189592 VASTAR FEE UNIT A-109 Jasper County
06-190726 BLACKSTONE MINERALS UNIT A-979 Jasper County
06-194341 BP AMERICA UNIT A-214 Jasper County
06-217427 CHAMPION INT'L A-334 Newton County
06-222157 SUTTON UNIT Tyler County
06-228081 CRUSE, C.L. Tyler County
06-240416 BSMC GOODE Tyler County
06-245707 ARCO FEE UNIT A-580 Jasper County
06-246168 ARCO FEE UNIT A-222 Jasper County
06-261350 TEMPLE INLAND A41 Jasper County
08-15248 TXL -G- Ector County
08-35243 M.A.K.(SPRABERRY)UNIT Andrews County
8A-67910 TETENS "A" Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Southern Bay Operating, L.L.C.