Southern Mineral Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Southern Mineral Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Southern Mineral Corporation
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HOUSTON, TX 77002-5609

Leases Operated by Southern Mineral Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-031099 HALL, IMOGENE & C. E. Bee County
02-043634 HENSON GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-06675 GLADYS PAGE Bee County
02-07011 HARBUCK DeWitt County
02-07136 KLEKAR UNIT Lavaca County
02-074995 RICE, EUGENE DeWitt County
02-083738 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-087844 TURNER UNIT Lavaca County
02-093072 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-094179 YOUNG, S.E. ET AL Bee County
02-099255 PAGE, GLADYS Bee County
02-101492 BLUDAU, H. ET AL Lavaca County
02-105733 PAGE UNIT #2 Bee County
02-108615 ZENGERLE DeWitt County
02-120612 RANDOW UNIT Lavaca County
02-121314 PAGE, C.S. ESTATE -B- Bee County
02-131250 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-132395 TURNER UNIT Lavaca County
02-139816 ROTHBAUER UNIT Lavaca County
02-140459 ALVES UNIT Lavaca County
02-141028 FREUDE UNIT Lavaca County
02-163778 KLEKAR UNIT Lavaca County
02-163945 ZENGERLE DeWitt County
02-164176 RANDOW UNIT Lavaca County
02-173154 ALVES UNIT Lavaca County
02-177227 KLEKAR UNIT Lavaca County
04-149412 PEREZ Starr County
08-29284 AHEARN Loving County
08-29413 LELAND Loving County
08-29414 AHEARN "B" Loving County
08-29421 LELAND "B" Loving County
7B-152239 MCLEMORE A-232 Shackelford County
7B-160694 EVERETT BROTHERS "805" Shackelford County
7B-163773 MCLEMORE 330 Throckmorton County
7B-176250 MCLEMORE A-232 Shackelford County
7B-22374 KEATING ESTATE Nolan County
7B-22400 SPENCE, R.Q. Nolan County
7B-22670 SMITH, C.L. Nolan County
7B-26548 WHITEAKER, C.M. Nolan County
7B-26790 SLOAN X'S E-4 UNIT Throckmorton County
7B-26812 SLOAN X'S F-7 Throckmorton County
7B-27011 MCLEMORE A-330 Throckmorton County
7B-27026 MCLEMORE A-178 Shackelford County
7B-27036 MCLEMORE A-232 Shackelford County
7B-27082 MCLEMORE A-619 (T-6) Shackelford County
7B-27327 SLOAN X'S E-4 Throckmorton County
7B-27423 REEVES, HERMAN Jones County
7B-27890 SMITH Nolan County
7B-28000 EVERETT BROTHERS "805" Shackelford County
7B-28037 MCLEMORE A-686 Shackelford County
7B-28155 PROPST Jones County
7B-28199 PATTERSON "244" Nolan County
7B-28304 SLOAN X'S F-5 Throckmorton County
7B-28657 SLOAN X'S E-4 Throckmorton County
7B-28658 MCLEMORE "218" Shackelford County
7B-28880 MCLEMORE A-232 Shackelford County
7C-13354 CODY BELL 53 Upton County
7C-13567 WINDHAM TRUST 16 Upton County
7C-14838 RAWLINGS "390" Coke County
7C-15003 RAWLINGS 390 Coke County
7C-15004 RAWLINGS 397 Coke County
7C-15005 RAWLINGS 398 Coke County
7C-15020 ROBBINS "397" Coke County
7C-15116 RAWLINGS 390A Coke County

Drilling Permits Filed by Southern Mineral Corporation