SRG Oil Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By SRG Oil Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by SRG Oil Corporation
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BOX 1675

Leases Operated by SRG Oil Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-02657 WINTER, J.M. Jones County
7B-049645 BOYD, R. Brown County
7B-068882 BECK HAL Coleman County
7B-074295 GRAVES, E. M. Coleman County
7B-08073 METCALF, H. F. Stonewall County
7B-08097 PORTER, DOUGLAS Stonewall County
7B-092444 SNEED, B.D. Coleman County
7B-093646 DAVIS,B.J. Throckmorton County
7B-09386 METCALF, H. F., ETAL Stonewall County
7B-096014 HUDDLESTON, H.J. Comanche County
7B-096370 BROOKSHIRE, R.G. Coleman County
7B-09898 IVEY, R. A. Taylor County
7B-101834 BINGHAM, G. Comanche County
7B-10262 WILKINSON, I. N. Taylor County
7B-10304 WALSH, J. H. Taylor County
7B-10346 WILKINSON, I. N. -B- Taylor County
7B-10511 ELLIOTT, F. -A- Taylor County
7B-10593 REED, W. B. Taylor County
7B-10994 WEBB, DELBERT Taylor County
7B-11215 CROFTON, B. Taylor County
7B-11230 BYRD, J. W. Nolan County
7B-11373 BOYD, R. Brown County
7B-11464 PARKER, M. Taylor County
7B-11539 PATTERSON, J. D. Stonewall County
7B-11689 GRAVES, E. M. Coleman County
7B-117202 SEALY-SMITH "A" Coleman County
7B-13530 BROOKSHIER, R.B. "A" Coleman County
7B-13693 HOOKER TRUSTS Shackelford County
7B-147115 KEITH, M & K Comanche County
7B-15538 SWENSON LAND & CATTLE CO. Jones County
7B-19020 M & K KEITH Comanche County
7B-19443 HOLT Eastland County
7B-20054 VINSON, M. ET AL Jones County
7B-20359 WINDHAM, B. Brown County
7B-21243 ASTIN Haskell County
7B-21645 TRTT CORP. Taylor County
7B-21761 SEALY-SMITH Coleman County
7B-22463 ASTIN Haskell County
7B-22477 CHEATHAM ESTATE Taylor County
7B-22503 SEALY-SMITH "B" Coleman County
7B-23798 ASTIN #3 Haskell County
7B-23799 ASTIN #4 Haskell County
7B-23962 SEALY SMITH Coleman County
7B-26030 MACDONALD Callahan County
7B-26360 APPLING Jones County
7B-26508 APPLING "A" Jones County
7C-05810 NORMAN, J. W. Runnels County
7C-06071 COLE, EMMA -A- Runnels County
7C-06076 MCWILLIAMS, A. Runnels County
7C-08861 J.W. KRAATZ Runnels County
7C-10632 MCCARTY Runnels County
7C-10957 MCCARTY-SMALLWOOD UNIT Runnels County
7C-11147 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Menard County
7C-11288 SCHAEFER Runnels County
7C-11361 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Menard County
7C-11436 HALL RANCH Concho County
7C-11480 BERGER Schleicher County
7C-11948 MCCARTY (#1) Runnels County
7C-12000 BERGER Schleicher County
7C-12528 BSA STRAWN 12 Menard County
7C-13014 GAINER "B" Concho County
7C-13114 GAINER Concho County
7C-13264 KRIEG, N. Concho County
7C-13388 MURRAY Concho County
7C-13449 HAWKINS Concho County
7C-13547 GAINER "A" Concho County
7C-143192 WEIR-WATKINS GAS UNIT Concho County
7C-144094 ALEXANDER Concho County
7C-144401 KRIEG, N. Concho County
7C-144775 ALEXANDER Concho County
7C-144776 PFLUGER Concho County
7C-147025 ALEXANDER Concho County
7C-147027 CANNING Concho County
8A-05748 VAN NORMAN Scurry County
8A-63662 CAROTHERS, G. C. King County
8A-63698 SPRINGER, W. A. King County
8A-64736 BACON, T. King County
8A-66881 BACON "E" King County

Drilling Permits Filed by SRG Oil Corporation