Steinberger, Gerald Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Steinberger, Gerald
Map of Wells Operated by Steinberger, Gerald
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Leases Operated by Steinberger, Gerald

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00617 WILSON, T. B. /B/ Archer County
09-11640 BYNUM, H. W. Baylor County
09-128834 TIFFIN-BURDICK UNIT Young County
09-16681 HORD Knox County
09-16748 WILSON -D- Archer County
09-16913 STEINBERGER Archer County
09-17262 CONRADY -D- Clay County
09-17643 SCHROEDER Clay County
09-19158 LOCHRIDGE -D- Wichita County
09-19244 LOCHRIDGE -C- Wichita County
09-19944 FULLER, R. Archer County
09-21212 SATTERFIELD Clay County
09-21226 FULLER Archer County
09-22077 BROWN Clay County
09-22214 KINDER Clay County
09-22406 HOFF Clay County
09-22410 BRENNEIS Clay County
09-22427 WILSON, M. Clay County
09-23001 WILLIS HEIRS Clay County
09-23134 KINDER "B" Clay County
09-23296 A. KOETTER Clay County
09-23422 KINDER "A" Clay County
09-23463 KINDER "C" Clay County
09-24245 FINES Clay County
09-24473 KINDER, R. C. "J" Clay County
09-24591 MEURER Archer County
09-26094 STEINBERGER Archer County
09-26500 KINDER "D" Clay County
09-26665 WILLIS HEIRS Clay County
09-26989 TIFFIN/BURDICK UNIT Young County
09-27150 STEINBERGER "B" Archer County
09-27415 KINDER, R. C. "J" Clay County
09-27540 TIFFIN BURDICK UNIT Young County
09-29005 WILSON, M. Clay County

Drilling Permits Filed by Steinberger, Gerald