Subsurface Production, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Subsurface Production, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Subsurface Production, Inc.
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Company Name:

13100 SH 206

(325) 669-3428

Leases Operated by Subsurface Production, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-068729 BARR JONNIE Coleman County
7B-070640 CLARA ODESSA Coleman County
7B-070641 CLARA ODESSA Coleman County
7B-078744 SMITH,DONNIE D. Coleman County
7B-081181 MCNURLEN Brown County
7B-081209 JIMMIE WINDHAM ET AL Brown County
7B-081255 FRY, ZELMA Brown County
7B-081298 FRY, ZELMA Brown County
7B-081594 DOROTHY,FAYE Coleman County
7B-08164 COPELAND, C.J. & JOHN COPELAND J Coleman County
7B-083568 FAYE, DOROTHY Coleman County
7B-083572 MCNURLEN Brown County
7B-08420 COLE UNIT Jones County
7B-093964 PITZER, J.E. Brown County
7B-093965 PITZER, J.E. Brown County
7B-093966 PITZER, J.E. Brown County
7B-094998 BERTRAND, O. C. Coleman County
7B-100795 TODD, G. A. "A" Coleman County
7B-103387 WOLF, JOHN E. Coleman County
7B-103414 ALEXANDER,N. Coleman County
7B-103818 RHONE, DON Coleman County
7B-109286 RHONE, DON "A" Coleman County
7B-109742 DAVIS,A.E. Brown County
7B-117701 WALKER, J.N. Brown County
7B-117702 WALKER, J.N. Brown County
7B-117703 WALKER, J.N. Brown County
7B-119330 DAVIS, A.E. Brown County
7B-120293 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-120603 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-120882 BOWEN, A.J. Brown County
7B-121380 BOWEN,A.J. Brown County
7B-121854 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-129421 GASSIOTT Coleman County
7B-13131 SMITH, DONNIE D. Coleman County
7B-131398 WILLOUGHBY Coleman County
7B-132946 MCNURLEN Brown County
7B-132947 MCNURLEN Brown County
7B-13374 PRITCHARD, J.H. & H.P. Coleman County
7B-134846 DAVIS, A. E. Brown County
7B-137064 STEELE Brown County
7B-138743 GULLEY, MAYNARD Coleman County
7B-152219 ANNABELLE Coleman County
7B-163120 HUDSON Coleman County
7B-16903 POLLEY, C.U. "A" Jones County
7B-16913 SUZANNE Coleman County
7B-171479 PITZER, J. E. Brown County
7B-171480 PITZER, J. E. Brown County
7B-171481 PITZER, J. E. Brown County
7B-19329 WOLF, JOHN E. Coleman County
7B-19744 HORNE, CECIL 'A' Coleman County
7B-19939 WOLF, JOHN E. Coleman County
7B-19983 JONES "A" Jones County
7B-20056 WILDER Jones County
7B-22620 TIPTON, C.W. Taylor County
7B-23669 BOWERS, D.L. "A" Brown County
7B-23670 BOWERS, D.L. "B" Brown County
7B-24044 BOWEN, A.J. Brown County
7B-24428 BOWEN, A.J. Brown County
7B-25534 HTR-WOLF Coleman County
7B-25573 HTR-WOLF B Coleman County
7B-25876 SOUTH TALPA Runnels County
7B-26282 VANCE, J.W. Coleman County
7B-27266 FAYE, DOROTHY Coleman County
7B-27306 WINDHAM, JIMMIE ET AL Brown County
7B-28170 HUDSON Coleman County
7B-28413 PITZER, J. E. Brown County
7B-28445 HUDSON 5A & 6A Coleman County
7B-29416 KELLY, J. L. Brown County
7B-29500 BOWEN-TEAGUE Brown County
7B-29603 FOSTER UNIT Jones County
7C-06956 BISHOP - BIEMER McCulloch County
7C-08583 PFLUGER, MADLYN "1,2" Menard County
7C-08804 SWAIM RANCH "C" Menard County
7C-09322 PFLUGER, MADLYN "A" Menard County
7C-11466 SUSAN PETR Menard County
7C-15337 PRUGEL - HENKE Menard County
7C-15383 OSBURN Concho County
7C-15403 NORMAN, TERRY Menard County
7C-154489 GARDNER McCulloch County
7C-156460 PFLUGER, M. Menard County

Drilling Permits Filed by Subsurface Production, Inc.