Sullivan, Hollis R. Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sullivan, Hollis R. Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Sullivan, Hollis R. Inc.
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Leases Operated by Sullivan, Hollis R. Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-09078 CARTWRIGHT "Q" Knox County
09-183055 COLE TRUST "A" Denton County
09-183056 COLE TRUST "A" Denton County
09-185134 COLE TRUST "A" Denton County
09-187363 WILSON Tarrant County
09-187366 DOYLE FAMILY TRUST Wise County
09-187800 DUNN "C" Denton County
09-190295 BAKER RANCH Denton County
09-190305 WILSON Tarrant County
09-190408 WILSON Tarrant County
09-192077 WILSON Tarrant County
09-192078 WILSON Tarrant County
09-192610 BOGGESS TRUST Tarrant County
09-193963 RUDMAN Denton County
09-194284 PRICE Tarrant County
09-194435 PRICE Tarrant County
09-194482 DUNN "A" Denton County
09-194667 ELKINS "B" Tarrant County
09-198626 BOAZ Tarrant County
09-199680 PRICE Tarrant County
09-199706 DUNN "C" Denton County
09-201731 RIDGE, JUDAH Tarrant County
09-202729 COLE "B" Denton County
09-203764 POWELL-COZART UNIT Tarrant County
09-204186 BAKER RANCH Denton County
09-204187 DUNN "C" Denton County
09-206655 HIGHLAND RANCH Parker County
09-206919 COLE TRUST "A" Denton County
09-208512 DUNN "C" Denton County
09-208630 BAKER-RANCH ESTATES UNIT Denton County
09-210614 D.A.B. Tarrant County
09-211598 MASTERS Johnson County
09-211600 CHAPEL CREEK UNIT Tarrant County
09-212905 COLE "B" Denton County
09-213158 WOODY Parker County
09-228195 MARTI Johnson County
09-238259 TORNADO Tarrant County
09-238272 TUBBS Johnson County
09-238278 PEACEFUL VALLEY Tarrant County
09-238416 HRS JIMENEZ Johnson County
09-238418 HRS JIMENEZ Johnson County
09-238424 BAKERS ACRES UNIT Tarrant County
09-239546 CORNUM Tarrant County
09-239549 TUBBS UNIT Johnson County
09-239916 ANDERSON UNIT Tarrant County
09-240023 PONDEROSA Johnson County
09-240055 HUFFMAN UNIT Tarrant County
09-240235 WILSHIRE Johnson County
09-240251 KNAPP SISTERS Tarrant County
09-240255 WADSWORTH Johnson County
09-240258 BEADLES Johnson County
09-241201 GERY SMITH UNIT Johnson County
09-241500 LANE Tarrant County
09-243345 RODEO GUSHER Tarrant County
09-248627 RODEO GUSHER Tarrant County
09-252956 HRS PARKER Johnson County
09-27488 FETSCH A Knox County
7B-09974 LOWERY, M. S. Haskell County
7B-10072 SMITH, MABEL Haskell County
7B-138916 CLARK/SMS RANCH Throckmorton County
7B-25372 BYRD NORTH Stonewall County
7C-13321 PFLUGER, WALTER & RAYMOND Concho County
7C-13365 PFLUGER, WALTER & RAYMOND "C" Concho County
7C-13535 CARLSON McCulloch County
7C-13848 WHITE ESTATE "B" McCulloch County
8A-66530 SAGE DRAW UNIT Dickens County
8A-66774 PITCHFORK-TOREADOR "D" Dickens County
8A-68264 PITCHFORK TOREADOR "22" Dickens County
8A-68274 PITCHFORK "19" King County
8A-68400 GRANTHAM "D" Dickens County
8A-68518 BELL "A" Dickens County
8A-68532 BELT Dickens County
8A-68550 ARNOLD Dickens County
8A-68574 PITCHFORK - TOREADOR 2 Dickens County
8A-68675 YOUNG Dickens County
8A-68723 SWENSON Dickens County
8A-69009 SPRING CREEK Dickens County
8A-69035 PITCHFORK UNIT Dickens County
8A-69232 MOORE A Dickens County
8A-69319 DRUM Dickens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sullivan, Hollis R. Inc.