Sun Oil Co., DX Div. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sun Oil Co., DX Div.
Map of Wells Operated by Sun Oil Co., DX Div.
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Leases Operated by Sun Oil Co., DX Div.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-001799 O'BRIEN, J.M. -F- Refugio County
02-001872 OBRIEN, J. M. Refugio County
02-001934 O'BRIEN, J.M. -F- Refugio County
02-001942 O'CONNOR, THOMAS Refugio County
02-002375 UNION-KEENAN Victoria County
02-002721 MCFADDIN Refugio County
02-002726 MARBERRY, M. M. -A- Refugio County
02-002759 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-002760 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-002832 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-003558 MITCHELL, J. N. Victoria County
02-003592 KRUPPA, EMIL Victoria County
02-003613 BRANDL, R. W. Victoria County
02-003617 KRUPPA, EMIL Victoria County
02-003625 SCHOVAJSA, E.H., -A- Victoria County
02-030415 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-030430 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-030579 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-031834 MCFADDIN -B- Victoria County
02-031843 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-033340 SCHOVAJSA, J. E., -C- Victoria County
02-035338 PLACEDO GAS UNIT -E- Victoria County
02-037709 MCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-038098 O'CONNOR, TOM Refugio County
02-041873 NCFADDIN -A- Victoria County
02-046748 COFFEE, W. V. GAS UNIT Victoria County
04-05211 HOGG-PICTON Nueces County
06-02826 BEMIS, W. N. ESTATE "A"
06-02950 HOFFMAN ET AL Titus County
06-03065 BANKHEAD
08-18357 HOLT, O. B. "D" Andrews County
08-20769 HOLT, O. B. "F" Andrews County
10-00618 FERGUSON
10-01580 SANDERS Hansford County
10-01663 LONG, E. M. Hansford County
10-01695 SANDERS -A- Hansford County
7B-01834 CRISWELL, J. S. Fisher County
7B-032770 HILL, HARRIETTE Jones County
8A-03799 COBLE "A"
8A-18335 KENT COUNTY SCHOOL LAND Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sun Oil Co., DX Div.