Sundance Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sundance Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Sundance Resources, Inc.
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P O BOX 459

Leases Operated by Sundance Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12066 ZAVISCH McMullen County
05-03321 PARKER Houston County
05-03350 BROWN, JACK Houston County
06-030371 BRADY, JAMES G. Rusk County
06-04345 BRADY, JAMES G. Rusk County
06-158098 BRADY, JAMES G. Rusk County
09-184453 DOOLIN TRUST Jack County
09-184912 DOOLIN TRUST Jack County
09-190315 METCALF Jack County
09-190369 JONES Denton County
09-190384 FRANCIS "C" Jack County
09-194040 WOODALL-CURRIE UNIT Denton County
09-194042 JONES Denton County
09-194043 JONES Denton County
09-195802 FRANCIS "C" Jack County
09-203309 HARDING-MOORE Parker County
09-210560 HARDING-EASTMAN Parker County
09-210656 MORGAN-HARDING SUNDANCE Parker County
09-213887 SUNDANCE-HARDING-TURNER Parker County
09-214086 CARR LEASE Johnson County
09-214577 CARR Johnson County
09-214680 SUNDANCE-HARDING-TURNER Parker County
09-215308 PRIDE Johnson County
09-215612 BALDWIN Johnson County
09-220861 BASHAM Johnson County
09-220862 MANKIN UNIT Parker County
09-220863 HOBSON-MORGAN Johnson County
09-220864 BLANTON Johnson County
09-220865 BLANTON Johnson County
09-220866 CONLEY HEIRS Wise County
09-220867 WOODS Johnson County
09-220869 STEWART Bosque County
09-224927 STEWART Bosque County
09-225358 POCATERRA Johnson County
09-230425 HALL Johnson County
7B-098124 STEEL "F" Brown County
7B-107393 STEEL "EG" Brown County
7B-107394 STEEL "EG" Brown County
7B-107395 STEEL "EG" Eastland County
7B-107396 JONES, GARY Brown County
7B-107398 CLARK Brown County
7B-107399 CLARK Eastland County
7B-123771 JONES,RABBIT Brown County
7B-123772 JONES, GARY Brown County
7B-123795 STEEL "F" Brown County
7B-123796 LEWALLEN Brown County
7B-123797 MERION Eastland County
7B-14859 JONES RABBIT Brown County
7B-14866 LOW ESTATE Brown County
7B-14885 BROWN, JOE Brown County
7B-14886 LEWALLEN Brown County
7B-15053 LEWALLEN "A" Eastland County
7B-15234 STEEL "EG" Brown County
7B-24667 STEEL "EG" Brown County
7B-24672 LOW ESTATE Brown County
7B-24673 JONES, H. G. Brown County
7B-24697 LEWALLEN "A" Eastland County
7B-24848 MERION Eastland County
7B-24864 LOW ESTATE Brown County
7B-25257 CARLTON CLARK Brown County
7B-25327 STEEL "D" Brown County
7B-25341 STEEL "EG" Brown County
7B-25363 STEEL "F" Brown County
7B-25397 STEEL "D" Brown County
7B-25466 LASATER Brown County
7B-25468 HICKMAN Brown County
7B-25813 STEEL "D" Brown County
7B-25855 JONES, GARY Brown County
7B-26141 JONES, GARY Brown County
7B-26488 KIRTLAND Jones County
7B-26532 KURMES Jones County
7B-26750 KURMES Jones County
7B-27133 YOUNG Taylor County
7B-27498 STEEL "F" Brown County
7B-27595 STANDARD Taylor County
7B-27689 CARLISLE, C.W. Taylor County
7B-28016 STOCKTON Taylor County
7B-28018 MITCHELL Taylor County
7B-28234 KNOTT Taylor County
7B-28417 STANDARD "D" Taylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sundance Resources, Inc.